Diamond supporters can now claim four residences

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by JustinGuy, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Just a quick piece of news, today we increased the maximum residences that Diamond level supporters get from three to four. This makes more sense because Diamond is double the cost of Gold and before two Gold accounts would get more residences than Diamond. Thanks EMC!
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  2. amazing!

    Another slot for another farm and another res to tend to! <3 <3 <3
  3. more incentive for me to upgrade when my current goes "poof"...
  4. I think I will upgrade when my gold runs out. :)
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  5. Smp10 Should BE Evry1 increases 1 Resident So Reg Get 2 And So Do Iron Gold get 3 Diamond Get 5
  6. Tempting me to be a supporter again. If I have some extra cash I might buy a couple months of diamond :)
  7. Wow! This saves me cxling diamond for two gold lol. I was planning on it

    Nice move Justin! Ty!
  8. :O So unfair
  9. Its called carcasim,smart one.And leave it to you to say that,u r a diamond supporter.
    Thanx,captain obvious
  10. Still think 2 gold vs 1 diamond unless 2 utopia reses... those are rather big
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  11. I can't use all the one big one I have now. :D

    Thanks Justin and staff.
  12. Well, that's beside the point :)

    I could do some damage with that.

    Would be able to not have to reset - because i ant to build something else... so many buildings - would be nice to save :0
  13. Giving diamond another it totally fair. They pay 20 bucks a month to the server. They deserve some good perks. And I do think they should get twice what gold gets since they pay twice as much. If you can't pay thats fine, but please don't complain about the people who can afford it. Its all a matter of what you think is important to spend your cash on.

    Also what would you do with more than one utopia lot O.O I still have mine from my former supporter days and about half of it is unused. One quarter is an over the top what farm and the other quarter is a sheep farm for the giant earth being made in the neighboring lot. I don't know what to do with that thing!
  14. How about iron gets 2, Gold gets 3, and Diamond gets 4? Seems like it would be less complicated to just add one, maybe increase iron to 7 dollars?
  15. Cause i mean seriously not everyone can afford 20 bucks a month and even if there are more perks, some people still can't afford that.
  16. diamond would have to get 6 in this situation. just saying.
  17. The idea of the supporter system isn't meant to be fair. Were not going to give someone more just because they can't afford more. If we do that then why don't we also give free members two lots? We have to make it worth it to donate more. If you get only a little less at half the cost, why would you pay more? Your rewards should be proportional to what you pay. So paying twice as much gets twice as much reward.
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  18. Whatevs. Still want 3 res's
  19. But then two gold accounts gets you more than diamond for the same price. The idea is to make it so you cant get more than someone else paying the same amount.