Diamond Supporter?

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Yea or No?

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Yes 10 vote(s) 83.3%
No 2 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. I am contemplating getting diamond supporter for one month. Is it a good idea? I am leaning toward yes, but I want your opinion.
  2. You're supoorting the Empire, so I'd say yeah
    Not to mention all the upgrades you get
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  3. I like it, I got to blow up my hotel with TNT, so I think I have my moneys worth 2 days in :) ~FDNY21
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  4. I would use it to fund my shop and to help make my dc of emeralds go faster.
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  5. no diamond supporters automatically get more vault pages?
  6. Nope

    Also, hundreds of EMC members go diamond for one month and then never donate again :p

    I've never gotten diamond ( on my main :p ) just gold every month :)
  7. I say maybe gold because then u can get it for 2 months to make ur overall subscription longer :)
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  8. Agreed! 2 months of gold is wayy better than one month of diamond, unless you're doing it for the reses, in that case, go with diamond. :)
  9. I am mostly doing it for the reses and rupees
  10. Well rupeewise, you get more for your money by going iron, but that takes longer
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  11. I suggest diamond for the residences, then go gold because it is pretty much diamond butwithout TNT or Flying in Utopia.
  12. <-----

    Yeah it's worth it.