Diamond run, auction and raffle!

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  1. Invitation
    Where: SMP7: Lot 15422
    When: Saturday May 12, High Noon - 12:00pm Central Standard Time.
    Who is welcome: EVERYONE

    Event Agenda

    At 12:00pm (CST) - exactly- My residence will open to the public.

    The first event will start immediately. Hidden on the lot will be 5 containers ([access] everyone) holding one diamond each. There will also be 5 false containers that will contain one dirt. There will be one container holding an enchanted pick (Unbreaking III, Efficiency III). Each chest is first come first serve. The chests can be found anywhere on the lot. 11 containers total to be found.

    At 12:15pm (CST) tickets will be sold for a Raffle that will be held in the store. Tickets to the raffle will cost 1r. One ticket per person (even if you buy 10 tickets your name is entered once)- Everyone will have the exact same chance at winning a prize.

    At 12:20pm (CST) (or when everyone who wants a raffle ticket has one) an on site Auction will be held in the store area for enchanted items.

    Auction Items (All Items are unused)

    Diamond Sword (Sharpness IV, Knockback II, Fire Aspect II)
    Starting Bid: 400 Bid Increments: 50

    Diamond Pick (Unbreaking III, Fortune III, Efficiency IV)
    Starting Bid: 6,000 Bid Increments: 500

    Diamond Armor Set: Helm: (Prot. IV & Resp. III) Chest: (Prot. IV) Legs: (Prot. IV) Boots: (Prot. IV)
    Starting Bid: 12,000 Increments: 500

    Diamond Pick (Unbreaking III, Fortune III, Efficiency IV)
    Starting Bid: 6,000 Bid Increments: 500

    Diamond Pick ( Silk Touch )
    Starting Bid: 2,000 Increments: 200

    Diamond Pick (Fortune II, Efficiancy III)
    Starting Bid: 800 Increments: 100

    NOTE: All items will be sold individually. This is not a bulk auction!

    When the auction is completed the raffle winners will be drawn. The drawing process will include the names being written down on paper and drawn from a bowl. 3 names will be drawn.

    1. First name drawn = 2nd runner up. Prize: A full set of spawn eggs. (Two eggs of each kind)
    2. Second name drawn = 1st runner up. A diamond pick - Efficiency IV
    3. Third name drawn = GRAND PRIZE WINNER. Diamond pick - Unbreaking III, Fortune III
    From now - until the event my lot will be closed to visitors so I may finish getting ready for the event and hide chests.

    I look forward to seeing everyone there!
  2. Starts in 25 minutes!!!!
  3. Not like melodytune made his exact thread or anything
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  5. Now that I look at this closer, this WAS Melodytunes event, Terr. He was making a duplicate thread to help advertise.