diamond picks with silk touch and high efficiency levels wanted.

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  1. i need to buy some.

    price can be negotiated.

    i'm looking n the 1900r-3000r category of things.
  2. I am selling diamond picks with UnbreakingIII, EfficiencyV, Silk touchI at smp3 /v 7099 (take public stone gen to find those picks) for 3500r per. Yes, it is not in your price range, but in case you change your mind or don't find cheaper ones, they are there :)
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  3. hmm, im willing to buy things for more if it has efficiency v.

    i will get my friend to buy one
  4. Silk touch is annoying to me because I always use fortune. The only thing I use it for is emerald ores and diamond ores (while I wait until I have an ore buster). But everything else is faster to mine with fortune and you can't stack ores into blocks like you can with the items. And cooking the cobble gives loads of XP which you don't get if you use silk touch.

    Anyways, I have a few EFF IV Silk Touch, with and without Unbreaking 3, and I always seem to end up with more. So let me know what you need and where to put them. (I'm on SMP1 and they are deep in the wild right now.) You can either trade me the non-silk equivalent or let me know a price to consider.
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