Diamond pickaxe: Eff V, Unbreaking III

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  1. Nothing to see here, as the auction is over (either :) or :()
  2. Come on guys (and girls),
    This is the best obsidian-mining pickaxe there is.
  3. 6k
    EDIT: just because i love enchanted picks.
  4. jesus thats a high price i bought 9 diamonds cheaper than that then went to my enchantment table and got 3 enchanted pickaxes all level 16 ...
  5. You can bring 3 picks or 1 single epic pickaxe ;)
  6. lol good point
  7. 1 hour and 40 minutes left...
    Does anyone has a higher bid?
  8. Okay, 12 hours have passed.
    The pickaxe is sold to 333kirby, for the price of 7000 rupees.
    I hope you enjoy it.

    You can get the pickaxe at res 540 as soon as you have paid, i will set up a chest for you.
  9. Armor a bit rusty. come on down to 8538 smp4 and I will fix you up with a new set! :)
  10. haha, no i've got enough iron to fix it up myself. I was kinda in a hurry when i made this screenie and forgot to take that damaged stuff off.
  11. I will be online in about...8 hours. Thanks!!
  12. i just paid. sorry it took soo long. school XD
  13. haha i know what school is :p
  14. We all do, don't we?
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