Diamond Miners Revival

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  1. Hello, EMC community!
    In March, I created a wilderness clan. It lasted for a few days, then I lost my internet for 2 months and by the time I got it back the group had been abandoned. I logged on a few days ago, and the base had its unprotected chests gone, the Ambassador's room had holes in the roof, the floor and the walls, my brother's door had been taken away and my room had a huge hole in it.
    The skeleton spawner and the farms had been left alone, though. So instead of repairing all of that, once the 1.3 update comes out i'll be starting a community even further away from spawn!

    This community will be like the outposts you see on other servers. There will be an above town and each house will have a basement. The houses will be made out of wood, have windows, and stairs to go up into the house. These will be made by me.

    Then, their will be a double chest for food, tools, ores (coal and iron only) and a chest for building blocks on the entrance to the town.

    The town will be protected by fencing. Inside of the house will be a bed, a workbench and a furnace.
    You can claim a house via private message (I just need to know) and you can replace the sign above the door with your name and move the items around.

    To get all of this you just need to fill this form out:

    What you can do for the community:
    Your role: (Protector, Technical, Farmer, Explorer)
    What can you provide for the community: (Food, Tools, Ores, Building Blocks)

    You need to be accepted to receive the co-ords in a PM.
  2. Sounds cool! *Firsties!*
  3. *eats Terr* Awesome Firsties!
  4. secondies? :D
  5. Anybody interested in joining? :D
  6. It sounds like your building houses for people to put there food in. I don't think people want to go out in the wild just to live in a prebuilt house. Sounds like no fun to me.
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  7. no its a wild community, if you read it.
  8. /facepalm
    Let me try that again. What server is the wild where its gonna be?
  9. I would like to join the "village"..... But we can't build our own houses??
  10. Yeah, you can, i'm just going to be building starter houses.
  11. Either smp3 or 9.
  12. Nah, just prebuilt houses for the people who want to cave and explore. You can add extensions if you want.
  13. I basically have this with some friends on smp1. But if you need wood or other supplies I can sell you bulk for your town.
  14. I need a lot wood for both my res on SMP7 and jungle outpost, also for my soon to open village on SMP7.....
    I also need a lot of other materials..... So just pm me if want to sell me anything:)
  15. I have to head off for work but pm amount of supplies you need and we will talk prices later.
  16. Accepting applications :D