Diamond Miners [EMC Clan/Group]

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  1. Hi there, I have decided to create an EMC Wilderness Clan with the recent loss of TES in the TES vs. Griefer war. I was the co-leader there and it took me three hours to get to the base, only for it to be absolutely ripped down not even a week later.

    I want this group to be a thriving community, who will not give in to griefers. We will stand strong!!!

    Leader: Soulpunisher
    Co-leader: Starpuncher
    Co-leader 2: Djozane
    Miner: Jake81201
    Miner 2: 621op
    Miner 3:
    Miner 4:
    Miner 5:
    Farmer: Kells18
    Farmer 2:
    Farmer 3:
    Farmer 4:
    Farmer 5:
    Builder 2:
    Builder 3:
    Builder 4:
    Builder 5:
    Protector: TheTruffleHunter
    Protector 2:
    Protector 3:
    Protector 4:
    Protector 5:


    Miners will mine ore for other players and split it among the group. However, all members should have a strip mine in their quarters (their room).

    Farmers will eggify mobs, create wheat, cane, pumpkin and melon farms and make a breeding/meat facility (basically a cow and pig and chicken farm).

    Builders will... y'know, build stuff...

    Protectors will slay any mobs on/in the base and will mainly collaborate with the builders with hostile mob farms etc.

    The Ambassador will transfer items and is getting paid 10 rupees per block transferred. He is also helping us form alliances with other guilds such as Delta Team, incase of any griefing we will always have backup from another community!

    We will play on smp5.

    Apply for a space

    How long have you been playing Minecraft (version name):
    How long have you been playing EMC:
    What space in the group are you applying for (Farmer, Builder etc.):
    Have been banned from EMC before (if so, tell me why):
  2. Looking for people to join! Remember that there are 20 spaces and if they fill up, I might add 10 more later on!
  3. Can I be a miner, builder, and a protector?
  4. Or can I be miner and builder?
  5. Fill out the form. Also, you can only be one of the 3. The group is designed to have 20 spaces for 20 individual people.
  6. How long have you been playing minecraft (3 months):
    How long have you been playing EMC:2 months
    What space in the group are you applying for (miner):
    Have been banned from EMC before (No):
  7. Where's the base at??
  8. I can supply you with food and transport goods in and out of the base for profit, but I am not willing to be attached. If you wish, I will make a house a few hundred blocks out, but thats as close as Ill go considering I never even went to the TES base and it got griefed.
  9. I am currently waiting for the wilderness reset to be done on smp5. I'll go take a peek in the morning for me, not promising to get it done within a week though. Need a very good hidden place to hang about in, need to prepare it and I want it next to a jungle biome so we have nice trees and wood.

    Maybe. I can pay you 10r per block if you like (I get 400 rupee daily bonus and it will soon be 1,000)

    Welcome to DM new miner! ;)

    Welcome to DM ;)

    No need. I have minimap mod so i'll be fine :) plus the location is a surprise!

    Also, could you please edit one of your posts to keep this thread tidy? Thanks! :)

    Fill out the form and I will review it to see if you are applicable.

    Welcome to DM. You are a protector ;)
  10. I can find a epic hiding spot plus I can make a underwater base!!
  11. 10 per block of what?
  12. I will go 2,000 blocks away from the spawn. I love mining and building. :p
  13. Block of what? what kind of block lol?
  14. Do u know the place we will make the base at???
  15. He JUST said it was a surprise.
  16. Ok.........
  17. Does it matter if you dont play on smp5 or have a res there i guess i should say?
  18. If you have a res there you're never going to be 20 mins away from wild spawn. And no, it doesn't matter if you don't play on smp5. Got to start somewhere, I guess.
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  19. How long have you been playing Minecraft (1 year):
    How long have you been playing EMC: 3 months
    What space in the group are you applying for (Farmer, Builder etc.): Farmer
    Have been banned from EMC before (if so, tell me why): No
  20. Thank you :) I am glad to be apart of the team ! ^_^