Diamond Master Rank!

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  1. Add A diamond Master rank I know it sounds dodgy and stupid sometimes
    But add diamond master after diamond support if you think of it one way it sounds bad think of it the OTHER way it sounds good and you might not understand this the whole point is

  2. I wrote this post originally for a rank between gold and diamond, but it works perfectly in this situation.

    A $40 rank is a bit over the top, don't you think?
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  3. What would this rank include, and how would it be obtained?

    Although note what mba said up there. :)
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  4. Hay ranker, what color would it be? Why would player pay more? Plus they don't need anymore perks... If you have perk ideas add that but players have talked about emerald rank befor and got stopped at it...
  5. Dark Blue?
  6. Obtained 10,000 site posts and 500 likes
  7. Wouldn't that be lapis supporter LOL
  8. How about.... 50,000 site posts and 10,000 likes
  9. Am... I think jack is talking money here like the other supporter ranks ;)
  10. Um…supportership normally is to help the servers keep running, which is run by money. So…
  11. There is no perks that are needed to be added as I know, Mabey a supportership like that for 35$? And here is the perk-he can spawn a momentus or marlix (only 1) a week...
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  12. Like mba said before, $40 is a bit over the top - and $50 is higher than $40, so... Uh... Yeah. :3
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  13. I would think more about what this new perk or rank will be and have. Then we could discuss if it should be added or not.
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  14. I'm agreeing with you...
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