Diamond Hunt!!!

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  1. Hey everyone! Soon i will be holding a diamond hunt on smp6, 12943! although i need diamonds :) i will be setting up 20 hidden chests on my res that will all hold 3 diamonds! I am mainly posting this though because i need 60 diamonds which i do not have! so please come and donate some diamonds at 12943! there is a chest setup where you can sell em for 5r, thats the donation box! The quicker i get 60 diamonds the quicker the hunt will start! so come on down to 12943 on smp6 and please donate your diamonds so the hunt can begin!!! (p.s: i will post another thread or comment on this one when i will start the diamond hunt!)
  2. wasted all my diamonds on picks and swords to enchant :(
  3. :D thats ok, hopefully some other genrous people will donate :p
  4. You have 60k but you need donations to buy 60 diamonds? :p
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  5. This will be a gathering of xrayers mate, i dont think it will be worth it.

    But the best of luck.
  6. What, people with x-ray mod?
  7. :D im trying to reach 100k so not spending much rupees :p
  8. Yes, i tried it a few months back, and it will end up with 2-3 ppl getting them all, by digging streight down.
  9. :O btw its like an easter egg hunt... im not giving any1 build perms.... im hiding chests around my res and putting access everyone signs on em.
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  10. I want to donate my 10 diamonds