Dialogue — Are you a leader of an outpost? Let's talk about Elytra Launchers.

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  1. He made the change in general because it also included players pushing each other around which was a possible cause of pushing afk players into traps and such.
  2. The modification makes it much easier to launch successfully every time and doesn't require you to get the timing just right
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  3. Oh no I meant the change Aikar made.

    Sad that it had to be removed, but I understand. I'll have to find some other way to launch players.
  4. Yeah, the only other way I could think of is slime blocks. However, it does not compare at all to the boat launcher.

    However, fighting the dragon today was really interesting in that, the bug that it has near the end of the fight where it stays on the bedrock in the middle but is able to be hit with arrows. The interesting thing was that if you were flying on top of the dragon, and flew down to him when he was in that state, he would actually boost you way up and you could fly for a longer time. This probably isn't very useful to know, but it sure is fun to do when you want to fly around in the end :)
  5. So is there a tnt launcher that works on EMC? I understand it wouldn't be nearly as OP as the boat launcher but every little bit helps :) I wanted to put some places to launch my elytra from around my outpost and y255 just doesn't seem to cut it :)
  6. MrCDub has been experimenting with TNT launchers. Or maybe we just had hours of fun going kaboom and gliding in circles around a protected zone since the TNT launcher does lower health a lot LOL.
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  7. Building paths in the nether bears minimal risks and goes very fast if you know where and how to build and you have needed equipment. Using rail in the nether is almost risk-free.
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  8. I'm going to have to bug mrcdub then. He has been spotted several times in the past week so I shouldnt have too much of a problem finding him :)

    As far as nether rails being dangerous, I know someone that would be willing to help you out with that and after its built you wont ever have to worry about dying, lava, ghasts or even nether hounds if you turn off enraged spawns while using it... and tell others to as well.

    I have helped several people set up nether rails... even built over 10k of rail myself, most for other people and at a very cheap price for what they got :)
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  9. If you need expert advice on railway design for different purposes and use scenarios, don't hesitate to contact me :)
  10. I think you took that out of context. What I was saying was that comparatively it is more dangerous to build a nether rail and I never said anything about using a nether rail being dangerous.
    Even with custom mob spawns turned off it's fairly easy to get knocked into lava by a Ghast blast and if someone nearby hits a Zpigman you can find yourself unsuspectingly swarmed. But even without the hostile mobs working in the nether will always carry a higher risk of accidents (eventually someone is going slip up using the shift key and your going to fall into a lava lake or your going to dig into a lava block while your not paying enough attention) unless you wish to invest further into what is an already fairly expensive venture (going by what the avg player has in savings and nether rail value based on the cheapest mats is about 576r-960r per 64 nether blocks moved which = 512 overworld blocks) and constantly use Fire Resistance potions during construction.

    I'm not saying it's not worth it or that it is too dangerous for any player to do. What I was and am saying is that comparatively building a few launchers in the overland is less dangerous and potentially more fun (in my opinion) then building in Minecraft's hell dimension.
    A nether rail is still a good investment for any outpost/farm and it always will be (unless we get the ability to teleport there or fly on dragons) but this makes an approachable alternative especially for exploration and travel out from a frontier outpost.

    Again out of context. I never said using nether rails was dangerous just comparatively more dangerous to build vs an overland Elytra launcher.
  11. I understand - and I'm saying that it is not dangerous:
    Usually a tunnel is made just above bedrock where it is extremely unlikely that you will fall into lava or see a ghast or any mob. Two - three resistance potions are enough for thousands of blocks of tunnel length.
    If you choose to build above y=115 or so, so just under the bedrock ceiling, it is also very unlikely that anything bad will happen. You can fall into a cave, but mostly not really deep. And even if - you loose one pick, some food and netherrack, so nothing worth the time to dig slowly and not sprint-dig. You need a 2nd pass anyway to place tracks or to make the tunnel bigger.

    That's true :)

    Nether rail is only fun if you can watch a video or read the forum while sitting in the cart. Luckily there's free Internet along the whole track. ;)
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  12. The original design used 9 TNT to launch high enough to go I believe like 3-4k. TNT is really expensibe, though.