@Devs,someone done goofed.

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  1. Whoever player is, nice job.
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  2. It's either putting Player or the MOTD doesn't work at all (NPE). Although the devs could of at least just put a check to see if the player name variable isn't set and to do a different MOTD.
  3. I was thinking maybe it had something to do with the name change thing, at first I thought someone had won a contest, and then I saw "Player" and knew someone goofed.
  4. Lol, you go Player... xD
  5. Chin broke it. Or did socks break it?
  6. I guess it could say You instead of Player :p

    You connected from a never before seen IP is why.
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  7. "Who's awesome? You is!"
    Your English teachers must've loved reading your reports, Aikar ;)

    EDIT: hah, ninja'd penguin by mere seconds.
    *disappears into the shadows once more*
  8. Aikar, you is awesome. But that grammar isn't. :p

    Would there be a way to make that say "You are!" instead of "You is?" ;)

    Edit: I was ninja'd. ;(
  9. RIP Aikar's Grammar.
  10. You is awesome Aikar. *laughs to self*
    EDIT: dang it penguin. ninja'd
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  11. Getting the ninjas ninja'd was all apart of (yes, that was intended) Aikar's brilliant plan, of course.
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  12. *watches as brain explodes*
  13. Funny thing is, "apart" means pretty much the opposite of "a part." :p
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  14. Penguin do you take rupees to review essays? :p
  15. The invisible text colour is #2a2a2a
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  16. I know. But not everyone picks up on the invisible-text stuff
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  17. Kephras is using the squint-into-your-screen colour.
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  18. I love how you can seethe text when you quote someone :p
    And I think it is not needed to point out Aikars grammar mistake once again, but I just did that so I am posting an unneeded post... You are talking to yourself once again haas...
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  19. Next phase of world-domination will be color-shifting text that turns invisible when you quote it.
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