Dev Status Update + New Feature Reveal [Apr 18, 2013]

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  1. Hey guys, figured I'd give a status update since were quite a bit behind on things...

    The past 2 weeks I've not got much feature-work done due to busy personal life. Work flew me out of town for 2 days + other planned things eating up time. I've also been working on Ingress a bit as a means for excercise and personal fitness....

    But also alot of the hold up for feature dev has been bug fixing. Since the start of the issue tracker we've fixed probally at least 40+ bugs.... As you've seen a lot of new stuff with Residence lately!

    Residences core permission code has pretty much gone over a rewrite with this...

    But on features:
    • Wastelands - About 30% done - Theres alot of logic questions were working to figure out here and planning for the future. Wastelands will be reset often so we have to make sure we get the process established correctly... Unlike the current PRA areas which still dont work as desired.
    • Normal Mode - 80% Done - Switching to normal mode is easy, its the extra goodies were wanting to give people that still have to be finished. Good news is the major parts of this are actually done. Few more minor tweaks here and there, but we want to get wastelands out first before returning to this.
    • Original Dragon Egg Owners - 99% done - We actually have this deployed to give the original dragon egg owners their egg back and the other 19 normal, but a bug was thought of that needs to be handled first. Will knock this out and reveal this soon as we can!

    That is the main things "In Dev" that are due to release soon as finished in the near future.

    After that is back on the path for D Tombs... and first up is the secret update I've mentioned many times.

    • Groups - I've mentioned multiple times there was an update that was required to be done before D Tombs, that depended on 1.5. Well I hinted at some recent suggestions that it was on the to do list...

      The general idea is to use the 1.5 features added to create a "Group" feature, that lets people form groups and have a group chat. There will be other perks for grouping together... More details as we get near.

      This system will be how players will work together for the Dragon Tomb (ie: how the system knows whos in a group together to go to the same event...), but i'm expecting people to use this as a generic chat channel too!
    • Dragon Tombs - This is scheduled to go back into development soon as the Group feature is done!

    It's really hard to give times, because its really hard when EMC is not my primary day job. Between my day job programming (which digs into desire to program in evening), my new drive to get myself into shape, other personal entertainent (TV/Movies/Going out with max), Family etc, its hard to say "This feature will be done by X" because something can always come up.

    Justin is also still pretty swamped with his job, but as seen recently is loosened a little and stepping back in some, but I still will be the primary dev for EMC (and I have more time than he does!)

    Just please be patient with us, we will try to get things done as quick as we can.
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  2. First!
    Thanks Aikar! Nice to know where we are now ;)
  3. Sounds great! Thanks for being so dedicated throughout your busy schedule :)
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  4. You are doing awesome things! And third, I think. Edit: Lol, I know that doesn't matter much, but it's my first time:)
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  6. Well, we are getting there. Cant wait for it to come all out!
  7. Onward, to things!
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  8. Yay!new thingymabobs!
  9. You're doing an excellent job. :)

    Check this thread out for the bug fixes that Aikar has completed. :)
  10. Thanks for the continual development and bug fixes :) No matter how long the wait is for new features EMC is always getting more awesome in other areas thanks to you and the other staff :D
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  12. Wow, I am really glad to hear about your outstanding progress! I mean, considering how busy you are, I find it amazing that you still find time to work on EMC, sacrificing your free-time for the good of the community!

    However, I, like a few others, would have to disagree with the egg exchange.

    Think about it this way: There are 3 players; A, B, and C.

    * * *

    A just happened to hear about EMC only a few days after it became a server. A decided to join, and liked what he saw. A set to work and got tons of armor, traveled to the end, and killed the ender dragon. Though it was hard, EMC was so young that there wasnt much competition, so A had plenty of time, and could try over and over again to get the egg until he finally succeeded. Now, player A has a brand new dragon egg! A knew that dragon eggs were only a trophy, and their only uses were showing off, and selling. However, A decided not to sell the egg. About a year and a half later, A trades his egg for 20 more. After a few more months/years pass by, wild claiming finally comes out. A claims a 4 x 4 'wild residence' plot of land in the wilderness, and sells the other 4, instantly becoming rich!

    * * *

    B learns about EMC about 2 months after it was developed. B quickly finds a dragon egg owner who doesnt realize that dragon eggs will eventually have a use, and buys their egg for X amount of money. B keeps the egg for about another year and a quarter. Thats when the egg exchange is implemented. B trades his egg for another 20. Now that there are many more eggs in the circulation, their price has dropped, but only very slightly due to their new uses (for wild claiming). B notices this great opportunity for a profit, so he finds a group of buyers and sells all of his eggs for a total of about 15X, just because he got lucky and held onto his egg for a little longer.

    * * *

    C joined about 2 months after EMC comes out, around the same time as B. C realizes that dragon eggs have no use, but doesnt know that they will be used in about a year and a quarter, so he chooses not to waste all his money on 1. When the dragon tombs finally come out, and all of the eggs are exchanged, C must now work much harder than the players who exchanged their eggs, or must pay about 15 times as much to get the 20 eggs that the former owners got.

    * * *

    As you can see, players A and B simply got lucky got lucky and made a HUGE profit because of it, meanwhile, player C decided to be responsible with his money, not waste it, and ended up having to work extremely hard just to get what the others got from a 'waste-of-money' investment, that previously seemed like it would have no chance of ending in a profit.

    I personally LOVE what you have done with the server. I really enjoy the progress that youve made, and I definately cant spell definately, and believe that the dragon tombs are the right way to go, but I would have to strongly disagree with the egg exchange. I believe that the eggs should stay the way they are, and should still just be trophies.

    So, who here agrees with me? XD

    * (If you own a dragon egg, are participating in the exchange, and would like to express your opinion on the matter, please add in your post that you have a dragon egg, since it will probably affect your opinion, and I would like to be able to see the difference in the opinions of those who own dragon eggs, and those who dont.)
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