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  1. I'm going to apologize ahead of time. I looked for about 30 minutes and couldn't find another post with the suggestion, but I feel like it MUST have already been said somewhere.

    I love, love, love the /destroy command (is it discard too? I like 'destroy' better)

    I think the confirmation screen is a really smart idea, but I have a suggestion for improvement: Why not show the things we are destroying, when the confirmation comes up? I think it would be very helpful if it displayed a red shaded (or not shaded but visable, bc I have no idea *how* it would be shaded lol) inventory snippet above the confirmation showing what you are confirming to destroy. Im posting an edited screenshot of what I'm thinking.
  2. Minecraft doesn't support 3 inventory bars like that. there is a top and a bottom inventory. As a programmer I don't have anything else to work with. It does look like a very good plan in your image, but Mojang would need to make a change to the client for it to actually be possible.

    It never hurts to ask/suggest, because many good features have come from players making suggestions, but some are more easily coded than others.
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  3. Ah, I see. Yeah, I have about 0 knowledge of coding.... What if instead of your current inventory, it displayed the items to be destroyed? Is that possible? Does anyone think it would be more beneficial one way than the others? ( I feel like the dev's might *face desk* over hearing this debate as I'm sure it's been thought of.)
  4. I have a few ideas now with time to think about it. The way it was done currently is the easiest way with the code we currently have, so it was smart to build it quick and see how people like it before spending a ton of time. We are using the chest verification more and more, so hopefully it will improve with each new release.
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