Destiny! The game i have been waiting for since it was anounced!

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  1. So, turns out I had enough PowerUp Reward points for a coupon for $50 off any one item at GameStop, so I just stopped by and pre-ordered it. The guy invited me to the midnight opening, but I have class, and games aren't as important as school, sometimes.

    I loved the Beta; it was actually really fun, especially for everything that it gave. Once I get the game, I'll be playing it a lot; it isn't as bad as it looked in other player's videos.
  2. This reminds me of GTA V when it came out last year.

    People went to the midnight release 5 hours before they needed to, went home with the risk of getting mugged for the game, played it for a day or two and a lot of people never touched it again :p
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  3. Just set up hotspot to bad minecraft can't run on it
  4. anyone else outside?
    what time is it there anyway?
  5. Yes but I am first in line! About 80 people behind me any it is 6:19 pm here
  6. only 5 hours 30 minutes to go
    *jeopardy tune*
  7. Exactly I'm wasting time on forums lol
  8. I'm getting it for Xbox one because my friends were like "If you don't get it nobody will talk to you ever again"....

    FYI: (Not because there mean they were implying that they all are gonna be playin it non stop and I'd be like loner in the corner xD)
  9. well, I have been in line for about over 3 hours and still have 4 hours to go.
    luckily for us were at this point having a HUGE launch party with pizza people doing giveaways and more pizza and I brought my ds and I am having a pokemon party with about a dozen others.
    I have been having a fun time and I got my minecraft workin and now about 3 people are watching me type LOL
  10. did they just walk away embarrassed?
  11. one did then the others looked away for a bit lol
    lol at 10:30 game stop is doing a giveaway for us
    and were all getting free pizza because this person works at pizza hut and im savin him his spot as he drives back and forth grabbing 10 boxes at a time
    yea it has been a blast so far.
  12. Well it came out, twitch is probably going have Destiny as most watched for about a week...
  13. those califorans and there time zone silliness CURSE THEM FOR GETTING IT BEFORE ME!!!:(:(:(
  14. What timezone are you in?
  15. lol not California Derp moment, I meantengland and I am in EMC/est. time

    Just got home and out of line and downloading game now!

    may not see me on for the next few days due to my challenge
  16. That's 3 hours ahead -_-
  17. Yeah, they got the game before me
    I have been playing since 11 am and half way done with the moon