Destiny! The game i have been waiting for since it was anounced!

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  1. It's here
    Believe the Hype
    It's coming in
    2 days

    so I created a thread about the Destiny Beta on july 26th now the REAL game is coming out!
    I have been waiting for this game since it was first announced! no I don't know why but the day before the game you have waited for a long time to get is the slowest. why? I really have no clue! but it is.

    now I want this to be a multi purpose thread here are what I want this thread being used for:
    1. Meeting other EMC gamers and playing with them
    2.say what class you are playing as and why
    3. just to help each other!

    now I my as well answer some questions

    what class will I play as
    *I will play as the warlock as I did in the beta*
    *because it is an overpowered beast. end of story*
    what is your challenge for the game?
    *my challenges are:
    beat the game in 3 days or less
    find all the ghosts within 1 week afterwards*
    what console will you play this game on?
    *xbox 360, I would play it on xbox one but I do not have an Xbox one as of now*
    I hope you all enjoy this game, I did in the beta! (oh and I found every ghost in the beta version!)
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  2. Well, I'm on the Playstation 4, and while I'm not 100% that I'll be getting this game day 1, I'll definitely be getting it ASAP. Sorry that we aren't on similar systems, but I'm game to play with anyone else if I ever get it. ;)
  3. so we have a play station fan here? eh I see... lol jk
    but yeah get it day one and I will give you a cookie ingame xD
  4. Eh, I enjoyed both systems (Xbox 360, Playstation 3) when they were out, but this console generation, I strongly prefer the PS4. The Xbox One just isn't that good in my opinion. So yea, Playstation all the way. ;)
  5. Hey look, game I'm 99.9% positive that I'm not going to get...Just watch videos of it and feel jealous ._.
  6. lol... you never know they may create this game for computer, probably not knowing bungie...
  7. Crappy computer is crappy...
  8. HAHAH same here (I run minecraft at 10 fps)
  9. Bump! Getting in line at 6 at GameStop so I am one of the first to get my copy
    (I mean 6:00 est./EMC time. that is 6 hours before release... yeah I live in a collage town)\
    looks like I am bringing my computer, hotspot and charger, this is going to take a while LOL
  10. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I won't see Moose for 2 weeks or so. This game has been on his mind for SOOO long now, I just hope it lives up to his expectations. Also pretty sure he's taking off work to play tomorrow =P
  11. lol I have permission to skip school form a few teachers xD
  12. That's not shady at all =P I'm pretty sure my teachers would have kicked our butts for even suggesting it...
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  13. perks of suggesting a graphical arts teacher along with a programming teacher
    I tell them I will look into code bada bing bada boom :p
  14. I'm going to get it with my PS4 at Christmas, along with a couple of other games like TLOU Remastered (my copy for the PS3 is scratched to hell thanks to the kids my mum childminds) and Battlefield Hardline.

    I've been waiting for this game since it was announced, too. When the Beta came out and I saw gameplay of it, I was genuinely dissapointed with what I saw, but since I don't stick to first impressions I saw in a video until I've played a game (unless it actually is a terrible game, like Airport Simulator is), I'm still getting it. It still looks kinda fun.
  15. I played the HECK out of the beta, I enjoyed the crucible even if there was only 3 maps and the weapons and such look very well created.
  16. Just saying
    if you live in a even slightly major city, that line is going to exist at about NOON.
    (no i'm serious here, chances are there's already a person waiting in my EB Games)
  17. no the place I live is actually VERY small but it has a collage but so many people pre ordered that they literally closed the doors in the gamestop in this town and the 3 next to this town. the gamestops are not open until 6 P.M. lol
  18. in that case

  19. you should have seen the lines for call of duty ghosts
    not joking the line went across the street all the way into the parking lot of Walmart lol
  20. well time to enter the traffic jam to get into the line time to bring all my things and play minecraft and look on forums xD