Desk Thread

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  1. Does it even need any explanation? I shall begin.
  2. I love 'em. I drink alot of tea because i'm addicted to caffeine... If I go days without it my cravings are out of control.

    But now, down to DESK'ing!

    The big giant glow-y thing is my light-up globe. It was too bright for my piece of crap phone camera to capture correctly.

    Yes, I have a ps2 in my room :3 I want to replace it with a ps3 though, and give the ps2 to my brother :/

    Bed is right above my desk, and my wardrobe is next to it...
    Oh, and yes, I have a dalek living beneath my desk. :3
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  3. Ok. It's a really bad pic but you get the story. :p
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