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  1. Hi!

    Now that i have no time to do nothing but surf the internet and do offline stuff (because of my crappy hotel internet) im willing to do some desinging for you!
    I wont put prices here, because if it's a simple thing i will do for free :)
    Depending of how hard the task become i will carge a bit just for you to show your support to me :p
    ( i wont charge huge R$$$ i'll put some examples down here for prices if you want )

    Please order here, i will update this thread with my work as soon as i can finish some, check this album if you want to see more :)

    burningalive.png canivalism.png badboy.png Donthughim.png
    Heck Im sticky!.png sheep-cow.png

    I will do a wallpaper for the following awesome creatures > slime (based on the img i got already), magma cube (dude, he is a bad-boy, seriously), herobrine, and ???? what other wallpaper, avatar, signatures should i do?
  2. Could you tell me how to take a pic off the forum? Seberling made one for me and i wanna use it
  3. If i understood what you meaned
    Just go on your [name, or ign, or forum name] at the upright side of the website and look for avatar button, if you meaned how to delete it, im pretty shure that it's just edit button at the post or at the signature (down from the avatar button) :)
  4. i mean wheni copy paste it turns into a broken image
  5. Ow, you mean at the actuall thread, just check for the tool box at the top of where you write there is an three icon in there, just click it and copy paste the URL of the image...
    It HAS to be online, otherwhise just by making a thread and hitting the upload button (down from new thread text box) you will get your img hosted at the empire server :)

    Btw, admins, can't you put that option (of uploading images as an album or something) at the thread edit toolbox? because i can't upload imgs AFTER i created the thread :(
  6. just write [.img]urlinkherewithnospacesorwhatever[./img] (without the dots)
    if you can't find the three :p
  7. see? it is broken
  8. I mean to put it into my signature
  9. Yeah i see your signature pretty nice bro, something bout 'i am the trader [...]' here what i see --->
    if that's the signature you want then do ctrl+f5 (google chrome, idk bout others) and then you will see it...

    If it's not then try the [.img][./img] thing
  10. um it sort of worked.. ish
  11. I want to make it bigger though but i can figure that out myself thanks for the help

    Okay i fixed it now to credit Seberling
  12. Btw, its that border made with purpose? the mac window borders? :S
  13. Derp i couldnt get rid of those.. wanna do me a favor?
  14. why no worky?

    It's still broken, what platform you on?
  15. its because it is larger than 100 pixels.
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  16. copherfeild could you make a 100 pixel or less version with some editing?
  17. I have a request. A pic (For my laptop background) that has a creeper and says, HE DOESN'T REALLY WANT A HUG!!!11
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  18. can you make a forum avatar that uses the part of this scrnshot with me in the bed that says something like "i dont count Sheep, i count Cows"
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  19. If you could make me a Grim Reaper themed signature, I would definitely use it and pay you what I think it's worth.
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