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  1. After you PM me the form at the bottom of this post, you will send the calculated payment. Once payment has been received I will make your desired design in creative. When finished I will send you a link for the download of that map, if you have any questions I will gladly answer them.

    Q: Will you also build the design you created on EMC?
    A: No. I simply do not have enough time to start a build as well as handle my day to day routine.

    Q: What if I want to cancel my order?
    A: 24 hours before I start your order, I will send you a message in the conversation, if you do not cancel within that time a 100% refund will no longer be available, if you cancel in the middle of the design you will receive a 50% refund.

    Q: How does payment calculation work?
    A: After the FAQ the payment process will be explained in detail.

    When paying you must understand the following: If you cancel when your design has started you will not receive a 100% refund, instead you will receive a 50% refund.

    Payment will be received BEFORE your design has begun, this is to prevent players from wasting time that I could be using on other orders.

    Here's a short list of what I normally design and the prices for each.

    60x60 Reses

    --Base Price: 125k + 8.5k per floor AFTER the main floor.

    Small Shops
    --Base Price: 75k + 6k per floor AFTER the main floor.

    --Base Price: 100k + 3.5k per floor AFTER the main floor.

    --Base Price: 115k + 5k per floor.

    --Base Price: Depends + Depends

    120x120 Reses (Utopian Reses)

    --Base Price: 250k + 17k per floor AFTER the main floor.

    --Base Price: 200k + 7k per floor AFTER the main floor.

    --Base Price: 230k + 10k per floor.

    --Base Price: Depends + Depends

    EMC Builds
    PenguinDJ's Ice Cold Creation
    Deathconn's Museum of 'mazingness
    AmusedStew's Shop of Shiver

    Tahitan's Frozen Temple

    Personal Builds
    Acacia Treehouse

    Res Number and Server Number:
    Size of Build (60x60 or 120x120):

    Type of Build (Mall, Small Shops, Guild/HQ, etc.):
    Calculated Price:
    Time for Completion:
    Main Block(s):
    Secondary Block(s):
    Block(s) to leave out:
    Layout (Number of Floors, Height, Width, Space Between Floors):
    Any Other Details Please Add:
    Type Yes if you Understood that this is NOT a build company:

    If something happens IRL that prevents me from completing your design you will receive a 100% refund.

    Even if you have issues IRL, your design will still be completed on time and a download link will be sent VIA conversation.

    I will only take on 1 order at a time and move down a list, depending on your place in the list your design may take up to 3 days to 2 weeks.

    Utopian reses will possibly take twice as long as a regular res, please keep this in mind when ordering.
  2. Current Orders
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  3. Curious-You simply design, but don't build? (forgive my ignorance)
  4. Pretty much. :)
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  5. Your builds look great! I may consider using this service soon :)
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  6. Thanks! I assure you that you won't be disappointed. :)
  7. I'm kind've confused. What would the designs be used for?
  8. Shops? People who cannot build might need a little help.... <------- Me
  9. ohhhhhh.... well in that case I kinda want one. However, funds are low at the moment, but I think that we could work an "other" out.

    I would like an HQ, just not as big as I think 75k would pay for.

    I think because it won't take up the whole res. Never mind. I understand you are not a building company.
  10. If you wouldn't mind editing these posts together to avoid spamming my thread?

    It's actually 75k + 2k for every floor besides the ground floor of the build. Also the prices are fairly decent considering that I normally don't do basic square buildings and put multiple hours of my time to make your build unique and amazing. I don't particularly know what "other" means, but all I accept for my labor is rupees, therefore items or other pieces of labor won't pay for it.
  11. Sorry... I stink at these thread things.. Okay, well thanks.
  12. Decided to bring this back for a bit of a trial run, if you'd like a design the first person to order will receive a 15% off of any design he or she pleases. :) Remember to PM me the details and I"ll be sure to get back to ya. :)
  13. yes, because lets remember the building business i used to have almost 2 years ago... i was hired to build a hotel... repetitive building for like, 14 stories = wanted to jump off building i was building. that. never again.

    good luck with yours! :D
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  14. what if it was the design you were not looking for or do not have the materials needed and you do not know how to download maps because you are not a computer genius
  15. I don't build things in town so it's up to you to retrieve the materials. I suggest telling me what blocks to leave out if it's too difficult for you to get those or takes up rupees to retrieve them. As for download I send you a link to the world download. Then using WinRAR or 7Zip you can extract the files then copy/paste them into your .minecraft/saves folder. It's simple if you know your way around your computer. :)

    Also if the design I start isn't what you're looking for, let me know. I give progress pictures throughout the build. :)
  16. but what if you have no clue at all what 7Zip because I have no clue at all what it is and I should know these things but I don't and it's not just 7Zip I don't know anything about files
  17. Well you have to learn at some point so may as well get Googling on that ;)

    Files are a fundamental part of all computing.
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  18. ill try my best
  19. Bumping this to state that any orders from now until next week wont be started until the 6th of December.
  20. Amused Stew link is broken.

    I will keep this in mind for when I think of something I want in my extra residences. :)