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  1. Disclaimer: This is hypothetical. Nothing about this should be read as a guarantee that this is or will happen. We're mainly focused and dedicated on growing our SMP server and our mindset is still deeply in that. This is just for me to gather some notes and keep in our back log in the event, that someday this becomes a reality. I've posted this on other Minecraft forums as well to gather ideas.

    Everyone here knows us by now and what we're capable of and that our passion lies in Minecraft and building the best experiences for the players out there possible. Many people tell us that there were no GOOD SMP servers out there until they found EMC. Justin & I started on SMP and it is our main "baby". Not being a fan of PVP ourselves, should the opportunity ever arise to do a PVP server in the future, we wouldn't have to much to go on with our lack of interest in it over SMP at this point.
    That being said, if you could design the perfect PVP server, what would it entail? How would you remove the bad things that surround PVP servers now and what would you add to make it amazing. I'm interested in any idea, small or big, even if it doesn't exist yet or is one that does exist but could be made better.
    If there were a supporter option for a PVP server, what things could be added to the perks without giving them a distinct advantage over other players (similar to how we run our SMP)?
    Again, we are NOT adding PVP to our SMP server nor does this mean we are working on a PVP server at this time. This is for my amusement as I know you guys have had great ideas in the past. :)
  2. a server where when killed by a player you only lose something like money, not your entire inventory. this prevents missuse, or say. a safe zone where you cant be killed. then a "badlands" area outside of the safe zone where its vanilla pvp.
  3. Honestly I think the ability to form clans or teams, and build a base would be awesome.
  4. I say a tru smp has got pvp on it... not a lot of game changing plugins like i conomy... all the mods and admins dont have creative mode i.e. they make all the buildings legitly... just you know a PURE smp
  5. Remember, we're not talking about our CURRENT server. We're pretending that no current server exists and we would be building a brand new PVP server in this hypothetical situation.
  6. yea still, i will say again what i said before... those my points for a true smp not this server....XD
  7. This is about a PVP server though, not a SMP. :)
  8. but smp can have pvp, cus that adds another element of survival...
  9. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. The answer, once again, comes from WoW.

    What if everyone was immune to PvP unless they flagged themselves? This would allow PvP between two mutually consenting players and prevent griefing of innocent players.

    Scenario A - After exchanging some words, two players decide to have it out in the wilderness. They both teleport, type /pvp to flag themselves as killable and start dueling.

    Scenario B - A random player, Player A, is out mining coal or picking flowers. Suddenly, a wild griefer appears, Player B. Player B jumps out of the bushes to attack Player A but their attempts are futile as Player A is not flagged for PvP.
  10. ^ WoW has all the answers XD
  11. This seems like it would be a good idea if we were to add it to a current non-pvp server, but for this thread I'd like to stick to the idea of "Building the perfect PVP server."

    In my head I'm thinking of just a one world server (not like we have now) that would have a central location with a castle, building or something that designates itself as the spawn, and would be protected. Possibly a money system with an overpriced store (even more so than Town's) and a few outposts to start with. From there, what could be setup to make it fun/badass? Go!
  12. Oh I completely misinterpreted the point of the thread.

    In that case, what if when you join for the first time, you spawn in a building with a bunch of info and at the end of the room were a couple signs that you click to choose your faction. Essentially it would be a blend of the arena prep room and the new user tutorial (without the maze). After choosing your faction, you are teleported to your faction's base/castle.

    Initially, all that exists is the starting bases and a couple small watch towers between them. Everything else would have to be constructed by the players. Within your base, you can still be killed, but you take half damage and regenerate food.
  13. I'm going to ask a lot of, probably annoying-ish type questions, but not to make the ideas sound bad, I just want to extract the most ideas we can out of them. :)

    So with the bases/faction idea: Does each faction get a protected base somewhere? How many factions would we have? Do you have to be in a faction or can you go solo, or even start your own faction?
  14. I would imagine two at first, just to be traditional. Nothing would stop people banding together to form a third faction, but they wouldn't have the benefits of the official factions.

    The problem is allowing people from both factions to join a common third faction. Perhaps just adding a /faction leave command. Not really sure how that would work and if they'd be allowed to rejoin.
  15. Right, so we'd have to weigh the benefits of possibly having faction leaders, that can allow people in/out, or having them be free join, which would obviously allow greifers to join a faction at free will and be annoying. Maybe a new way that hasn't been created yet, to solve this?
  16. Yeah that sounds reasonable. Allow players to leave a faction at their own will, at which point they automatically become a member of the "deserter" faction. Only faction leaders can invite members back into their faction. Deserters would only be able to rejoin the faction they originally joined.
  17. Well, if we do go with a faction type system, one might want to 'betray' their original faction to join another. Of course in any other game type, this would be seeing as being a jerk, but I think in this type, it would be considered normal, haha. So we have to have that open as a choice.
  18. Well if you would want that as an option, there needs to be some sort of time filter so that they can't just join one fact, leave it and then instantly join the opposite faction and so on.
  19. Good idea. This actually matches an idea we wish they put into games like L4D2 that has rage quitters when you barely start to beat them, haha. "If you rage quit, you can't join another gamer for 15 minutes." lol
  20. I have thought and maybe you could do just two official factions with epic self sustaining bases.
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