Derp tunnels should be classifed as PVP

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  1. I mean when people build tunnels straight down and just leave them uncovered in areas where people are obviously looking up to cut trees.. Esspecially in snowy areas where it is harder to see them looking around usually.
  2. I think they already are classified as such, but good luck finding who made them...
  3. Do you mean those tunnels straight up from a secret mine that are sometimes covered with class to provide light while they are mining and to know what time of day it is?
  4. No, the ones where you walk along your path and someone has dug straight down,no torches and you fall to your death and spend the whole time digging down to them to get your stuff and it despawns just as you get down there.
  5. I hate those -_-
  6. Happened to me JUST OUTSIDE spawn on SMP9 last night. I was so depressed lol.
  7. I too hate these, But sadly, what you see as "traps" are actually 50% of the time x-ray/wall hack/ cheat holes :(
  8. Yeah lol .......darn hackers
    Just a FYI to those of you I know....
    If I ever find out if anyone I know is a hacker or cheater I will NOT hesitate to report you and I will get screenshots trust me -_-
    I don't care how well I know you
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  9. sadly i have fell to one of these at least twice lol lost alot of important items....:("sign"
  10. Why yes I especially dislike those but I dug my own once but it wasn't hasedrous for anyone else because it was underwater and I dug into lava :(
  11. I don't think that should say "sign" I think what you were going for is "sigh"
  12. Prolly was type it on my phone so yea small screen
  13. derp tree cutters should be classified as pvp!

    Here i am making tunnels in the ground trying to mine in MINECRAFT, and some guy comes along and cuts the trees around my tunnels - exposing me to sunlight, fresh air and all over non-geek things! It should be a ban-able offense to cut the trees around my tunnels!

    * Hint Hint Wink Wink*
  14. Iknow alot of people there starsts branch mining like that :D Digging straight down to Layer 12, and then straight forward. (Sometimes they even fall in lava)
  15. I hate it when they are also redstone genius's and make pitfall trap (I've had it done to me before:()
  16. Man I hate when I lose important signs. XP
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  17. I got that one timeto :(, but lucky I was not alone, I was mining together with someone and together wegot my stuff back! :)
  18. Yeah I think my first week on this server I was in wasteland or wildlife but anyways I actually found like 12 slimes somehow. I was racing back to town so I would have them protected. I then fell down one of those holes all the way to bedrock. I had nothing but slimes on me but still those were rare back then and I could have gotten a couple thousand rupees for them.
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  19. I usually take a boat and go far far away from spawn point. Where there's more trees and less stripmines.
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