Derilect Protection did not protect my plots

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  1. I purchased derelict protection almost a year ago and upon logging in today find that none of my plots are still there. I am very disappointed. I would like a refund of my $50 if there is no way to restore my plots.
  2. Sorry to hear about this. I think it would be best to PM either kryssyjane or Maxarias because this has to do with a refund of real money, and not rupees.
    Hope you get your plots restored or a refund.
  3. Yeah, you can go ahead and click here to contact krysyyjane9191 who can possibly help you and if not she'll get you routed to who you have to talk to.
  4. Did you activate the derelict protection? :p
  5. Please pm me, but from the records, the voucher was never activated and there is no derelict protection on the account.
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  6. So sorry that happened! Did you apply the derelict certificate to your account after you purchased it? Some people buy the certificates to sell for rupees, so there are additional steps to take to use the certificate after purchase. I hope there is some way for you to get your res back.
  7. it was never claimed, and infact it was still in their inv.
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  8. Permanent Derelict Protection Vouchers

    For a 1 time fee, players can purchase lifetime derelict protection for all of their Residences. The Empire Derelict Policy can delete any Residence of a player who does not play for 30 days, resulting in the ability to lose all of your work if you choose to not play on the Empire for a while.
    By purchasing permanent protection, your residences will never be unclaimed, no matter how long you are offline.

    It doesn't mention an item that has to be activated. I had already stopped playing when I purchased the protection and never logged in after the purchase.
    I'm pmed krysyy
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  9. It is a VOUCHER, all vouchers have to be redeemed in-game :p
  10. Sorry to hear that.
  11. Well no, but the item pictured is a voucher and it must be activated in-game before it goes into effect since some people buy them and then sell them to other players - just like all vouchers. It does not say you need to log in to use it, but it doesn't say it's instant either. If you absolutely can't access a computer to log in and protect yourself, it's always recommended to contact senior staff or higher so they can give you temporary protection until you can do it yourself.

    Sorry you misunderstood but it clearly says voucher and vouchers need to be redeemed to work.
  12. Ouch. That must suck. =(
  13. You didn't redeem the voucher :( that really has to suck. I am sorry to hear about that :(
  14. I'd never redeemed a voucher before, no idea how they worked. By the way, I have it in my inventory now but when I right click it to redeem it, I just pick it up. Is it redeemed as soon as I pick it up or is something wrong?
  15. You have to use it when it is on your hotbar, just like how you block with a sword.