Derelict Residences Rule

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. you guy should have a temp map on diffrenet adress for 1.9

    just a segestion but i reckon that would be cool for the people who are playing the 1.9 pre realese
  2. Glad you're keeping it clean Justin.
    Continue with your good work!
  3. Plz tell me this doesn't go for NurseKillJoy because I've only seen her on once, and she has the best res in all of the EMPIRE.
  4. She still gets on. You can check the last time someone is on with /lastlogin PlayerName
  5. That's interesting, I never knew that.
  6. Justin Guy, please don't take away my res and everything in it. My laptop is having difficulties and messing up everything: email, micro. office documents, downloads, etc. I will try and get on every month if I can. I am going to try and get Geek Squad to come to my house and fix it. Don't know why it is freaking out. It is a brand new gaming laptop. Sorry for the delima. I will try to get on soon.
  7. Why would you want to sacrifice people?????
  8. Justin Guy,
    Please read my earlier message..... it was short becuase I was on a local Library Comp. and had only a few min. I'm on it again becuase it's my turn............. nobody behind me in line so it looks like I will be on this site for a while. ;)
  9. oh wow, that might be a pain. idk any better way to do it, but it could be a problem to check every single one of us to see how long we have been gone...
  10. I have added you to my do not reset list for a couple months, hope you get your pc fixed!
  11. Yah, thank you so much for doing that! I am thinking about becoming a iron or gold supporter. My mom said she will call Geek Squad and have them come and fix it probably sometime over the weekend or on Mon. or Tues. Thank you so much!!!!
  12. OH NO!:mad::eek::confused::( I can install the pre-release fine, but I can't play on the server with it! :(
  13. Ok thanks! ;)
  14. Oh my God thank you for this rule...