Derelict Residences Rule

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  1. AusQB brought to my attention that we have a lot of residences that were claimed and never built on, or the owners have not been back in over a month. Therefore we have decided to implement the Derelict Residences rule (this is also in the server guide):

    Any player who does not login to the server for a period of one month, will have their Town residence reset and reclaimed. If you are going to be gone for longer than a month just let us know the reason and we will not reclaim you residence. This does not apply to Active Supporters, even if they have been away for more than a month.

    Any player who is permanently banned will have their residence reset and reclaimed in 7 days. The 7 days allows time for a banned player to appeal the ban.
  2. oh nice new rule that makes sense :)
  3. are you implying the other rules dont?
  4. I'm sure he just forgot punctuation.
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  5. >.> shut it grammar nazi. Oh nice new rule, and it makes total sense to have added it. (fixed to the full thought i had) darn grammar police -.-
  6. Sooooo...... are you implying the other rules dont?
  7. NO! the other rules make perfect sense yes i'm mad bro :p
  8. Sooooo...... don't be mad bra. just helping you clarify your thoughts ......oooooooS
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  9. It seems quite unnecessary to give Dirge a hard time about this. We know what he means.
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  10. thanks Liz! Brew is just being a grammar cop. Oh by the way brew my thoughts are always clear to me so no need to clarify them for me. :)
  11. Nice rule, but can we make a rule that allows me to sacrifice people once a day? That'd be a good one to have...
  12. If we're going to be away for over a month and we let you know, will you make a note and not reset, or will it be automatic?
  13. If you let me know we will not reset it :) it is not automatic and I manage it all manually.
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  14. I'm going on vacation to Alabama at the end of this month, but I will only be gone for like a week.
  15. I may not be on for over a month because my computer can't run minecraft anymore. I will try to go on when i am at a friends house but once i get a new computer i'll be on for sure .
  16. Awww man. I'm rocking that 1.9 pre-release 4 and I can't join the server. The pre-release is pretty awesome. Haha.

    Are you guys going to update the server to the pre-release or are you going to wait?
  17. We will always wait for real releases.
  18. Do you know when 1.9 is supposed to be released?
  19. 1.9 is scheduled for sometime early next week, around the 18th. It will take a few days at least for Bukkit to be able to update.
  20. Mojang said they weren't going to do another update until they fully release the game at MineCon.
    If you want proof, here it is:
    Notch say's they are just going to do pre-releases until the game is fully launched as "Minecraft" and not just "Beta Minecraft".
    So it will be about 30 days till the next update.
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