Derelict Protection Voucher

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  1. I'm considering buying one of these vouchers. Does anyone have one to sell?

    Contact here or in game.

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  2. Open to rupee offers - my sheep farm will NOT be 'oops' again.
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  3. Are you willing to pay 1.4-2m?
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  4. At least that. I haven't seen one up for sale in awhile.
  5. I understand the cost. Yes, willing and able to pay.
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  6. I found someone to sell me one. I have the funds and am ready to be poor again.
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  7. May I ask how much? I've been thinking of getting one. Need to start saving, just wondering how long it will take me is all..
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  8. Aren't we all? :p
  9. Trucker454 was correct in his range.
    I resist to specify the amount as it is not a common item.
    If the seller wishes - they can post it here.
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  10. Pricing can fluctuate within time and certain conditions, but it was sold for 1.75m.
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