Derelict Policy?

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  1. So I'm searching around for res spots and I'm seeing some interesting derelict stats for some users. What's the explanation for these?

  2. He last voted 4 days ago, so although he hasn't been in game, the voting has kept him protected.
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  3. ah ok, I didn't notice that one. Wow, 153 days of not logging in but voting instead. Craziness.

    I was thinking maybe it was an alt of a mod or something. I saw several different users with policies like this. I saw one user who said they would go derelict in 67 days. I'll have to find that person again.
  4. Often times that happens because they PMed an admin asking to be pardoned for a certain amount of time. The only account that I know of that has full derelict protection is GameKribJEREMY. Other than that, when people go on vacation etc. they get pardoned for a certain amount of time.
  5. Or if you are active military service......... JUST AN FYI
  6. See the "etc." and "Often times". I am aware that there are other reasons to why people get derelict protection.
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  7. .... Just never mind.. You still didn't get what I said and I don't have the time to explain that to you.
  8. Oh. That's too bad, because apparently I also didn't get what you said.
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  9. Im busy too...... Bbt ya see ill explain it.. I you vote once every 25 or so days it will reset your voting bonus. It is helpful for people who are unable to play, ex vacation, computer issues, grounded.
  10. Yes, I know that :) It was this though
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  11. So, to a moderator/admin/staff, if a new player logs in and a res gets auto-claimed and they then log off that first day and don't sign in for 10 days, how do you get that res? because I'm standing on a res right now where the player first signed in 12 days ago, last signed in 12 days ago, and I cannot claim or forceclaim this res.
  12. what are the stats on this whole auto-claim thing? because when I run around town I see a TON of res' where all it is are those signs and the player hasn't done anything. What is so wrong with asking players to claim their own res? I really wish we could roll back this policy and have players claim their own res again.
  13. Ok so B4DMAN5IMON explained the derelict policy to me in regards to new players:

    If a new player signs in and it auto-claims a res and that player signs off that same day and doesn't sign in again, after 10 days the res will go derelict but only the system or a brand new player can claim that res. An existing player cannot. For existing players the derelict policy is always 30 days.

    That should probably be made more clear in the wiki because that didn't make any sense to me what is written there now, it made it sound like I could forceclaim that res.
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