Derelict Policy Not Working?

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  1. So, I just became a gold supporter, and I began looking at the res's around my initial res. I did /p for each person, and I came across one person, who logged on 11 days ago. I continued to type /res claim, and it did not work. Here is a screen. 2012-08-08_22.39.40.png
    As you can see, the first arrow points to the 11 days ago, and the second one points to the message I got after trying to do /res claim. Any help here?


    PS I also blocked out the persons name. If an admin needs it, just message me.
  2. They dont automatically get unclaimed you have to ask a admin/senior staff to unclaim it.
  3. what zoebear said

    and they are quite quick and nice about it too :)
  4. Oh, alright. Thanks guys :)
  5. Although it may not happen for you. I know the derilict policy was on hold untill 1.3 was implemented. They may have kept it on hold untill all these bugs and glitches are fixed.
  6. The residences are only unclaimed when there's a high demand and/or someone else wants it after 11+ days. :) ICC comes around and does it.
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  7. dont forget they could be summer hols and then the policy is off for them
  8. Well, its been 11 days and I want it :p
  9. PM Shaun and he might do it for you :)
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  10. Alright, I Pmed Icecreamcow, but he hasnt replied, so I'll pm Shaun instead, thanks :D
  11. Let's say that i know this person that hasn't logged on for more than 265 days and still has his/her res
  12. Djozane goes 20 days without logging in. He logged in today and his res was still not gone, because you have to ask an admin or senior staff to unclaim it. Apparently they do it quickly, but i've never requested for that to be done.
  13. You don't HAVE to ask, occasionally ICC comes on to reset a few residences. :)
  14. ya its an unclaim on demand sorta thing,im going threw the process my self