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  1. Hi everyone, sorry for not being as active as I've been saying the past months. And sorry if this post is a little selfish, and justtalks about me. But please just read, and try tohelp me somehow.

    Some of you may recognize me( 1% of the community atm). If not, I am generalfelino015, a latino that has a derpy and crazy personality that everyone hates :D.

    So this is by far in my life the worst year of my life, why you ask? Because it was my most depressive and lonliest year of my life. Many friends of my aren't my friends anymore, others just don't like my companionship, others just don't talk to me as often as before.

    Taking account that I just suffered an heart inflamation last weak, that made the situation even worst. Can't go to partys, and socialise with new faces. Can't go to school because of my situation. Can't hanndle anything that makes my heart go crazy. Can't play the drums(my favorite hobbie of my life).

    Most of my friends don't play video games, so I just have a little group to chat. My family members are going to different parts of the continent to live their own lives.

    School is ending, so my friends of my childhood in school, are planinng and going to other parts of the world, to go and study their carriers.

    And I am here alone, saying bye with a fake face, that they think that is alright, and that nothing is wrong.

    The worst part is that their is agroup of people that noticed my situation, but I just told them that is ok, leaving me alone, because of my fault, and my insecurity.

    So what I am asking to you the community, yes you and you in the corner watching that bird in the window. To give ma kind of advice or something, because all the phsicologist i've met, they just tell me how to be in life, as their manual tells them.

    Help, S.O.S, something, someone out there. Can you help me?

    And if yes, tell me how or, just tell me our way f seeing my situation atm.

    Thnx EMC, and thnx to it's community that somehow is way bigger than i've expected to be 3 years ago.
  2. Pfff.. tough subject.

    Step one: you need to put trust in someone who is close to you (family, friends...) and familiar with your situation.
    Step two: (easier said than done): fess up and tell them exactly how you feel.

    Main problem here, for me, is that I can't really comment on your situation because its pretty much impossible for me to even closely understand how you're feeling. But people who are closer to you most likely can. Like I said; it probably won't be easy, but that's honestly about the best advice I can give you.

    I really understand if this post seems pretty useless to you at first but it's honestly the best I can come up with. I'd be happy to write up a story about being strong and thinking positive thoughts and all that. But in the end that would be all there is to it: a story. Might make you smile for a moment when you read it, but after that you'd be right back to where you were.

    Honestly, you should seriously consider to put trust in someone close to you and talk to them about this.
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  3. You can't just stay at the same spot your whole life do what your friends do go away and start families see places etc. Don't sit there and play video games there are better things. Follow your dreams play drums in a band etc. Just to stop staying in th same spot for years and wither inside if you are so sad go away see and explore that what helped all my friends. Even with your health situations plan ahead, trips etc. This really helps I hope I could help. If you need help contact me in-game or a pm.

    ~Zikko (sorry to be a little harsh)
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  4. Generalfelino015

    You aren't alone. If nothing else, I believe this a great place to come out with this. Many people claim it EMC is a 2nd family.

    Anyways, I completely understand how you feel. I have severe Crohn's Disease. In a nutshell, my immune system is ALWAYS on, and ALWAYS going strong. If there isn't something in my body for it to attack, it goes after the body itself... specifically my GI Tract. I live every day in chronic pain, and have... urgency... issues. These two issues alone make in extremely hard to go out and do normal things.

    The majority of my old friends have moved on with their lives, I can count on one hand the people IRL that I consider a "friend" that still lives in my area.

    My family situation, well.. I won't go into that on the forums...

    Anways, I understand very well the place you are coming from...

    I can't speak for the rest of the community, but if you ever need someone to talk to, hit me up in game. If you want to just come hang out and not worry about how you are feeling, come find me in game and we can go on adventure. I will put you to work. If you play other games other than Minecraft, PM me what they are and if we both play them we can do that.

    Just hang in there mate, you are NOT alone. It may seem like it, but it's not.

    Just need to find that one person, or small group of people, that you can tell anything to. Don't hide it all away. Don't bury it. Feelings like those are like a disease. You ignore them and don't air them out... they'll fester and rot.
  5. I hope you will feel better. I have had issues with depression and with health limitations (I had a broken back last year that really slowed me down from doing everything)

    When you are feeling down, it's hard for 'normal' people to understand.

    Hope your health will improve and allow you to enjoy your drums again soon.:)
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