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  1. I want to establish a new outpost on SMP8, and it's name for now is "Shiroyama". Please let me know if there is the option to change the name later, but if not, I guess that's what I'm going to go with. I've placed a locked chest on there, but I don't want to give out the coordinates on the forums, just to try to prevent griefing. If it's alright, could an admin please confirm with me that everything's good to go? Thank you.
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  2. Hi I've looked at your request and found a build within 3k of yours. I am currently awaiting approval from them and once I have it you will be able to establish this base as all other checks are ok.

    carolmoss :)
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  3. Thanks, carolmoss. I tried to find somewhere far enough away, but I knew it was running kind of close. If needed I'll go find somewhere else.

    I've got a question though: The 3,000 block rule is listed under the section for establishing an outpost. Does it still apply after it's initially established? Can it grow into a 3,000 block radius of somebody else? I don't plan to abuse it either way, but I wasn't sure if 3,000 was still a pretty firm limit after the fact.
  4. Pretty sure you won't get in trouble by just expanding your outpost, they already take that into consideration when accepting your claim. That's why they set the minimum distance so high at 3000 blocks, so that even after the outposts grow there's still a good distance between them.
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  5. Hi Howitzer_21 and thanks Birosquinha :) The 3000 block rules applies so you have ample space to expand your base. 3000 blocks is counted from the centre of your base and once established prohibits others from simply coming along and building something within a few feet from you and also gives you the option should this happen, to request the other player removes their build or leaves your base if found wandering around inside it. In the future you will be able to protect blocks and grant build permissions to certain players just like on your town res :) I am still waiting for approval because of the other build that's been found but this shouldn't take too long in the meantime if you do want to look elsewhere and find another area you like just PM me the cords and I'll look into this for you also :)

    Thanks carolmoss
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  6. Hi Howitzer :) sorry about the delay with this claim :( I have been unable to find the player responsible for the build found within 3000r blocks of the area you wish to claim so unfortunately I am unable to establish your outpost at this time :( I hope this isn't too frustrating and that your happy to look elsewhere perhaps a little further away :) If you do find somewhere else I will be more than happy to take another look at it for you :)

    Thank you carolmoss
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  7. Thank you, carolmoss. No problem, I'll keep looking then.
  8. Ok thank you :)