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Would you use /xppay often?

Yes 5 vote(s) 33.3%
No 10 vote(s) 66.7%
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  1. Hey EMC, this is my first suggestion so feel free to correct any errors ;)
    Ever have a situation where you have two+ accounts, one account badly needs xp but can't get to it, and one account has 50 levels etc, so you have to go to another SMP and pay for xp bottles, which is a rupee eater.
    What i'm suggesting is a command, like /xppay where someone, not nessecarily an alt, can pay levels or even experience points to another player, example: /xppay (playername) 20. That would give the player 20 xp points.
    If you wanted to give them 20 levels, you would type /xppay (playername) 20L. I don't know if something like this is possible, just thought i'd see if it were possible :)
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  2. you would like to pay rupees to the system instead of paying players that produces it ? (and break the enchanted market even more)
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  3. -1 For the reason that, anyone with alternate accounts will further dominate another market by just farming mass xp in some very far location and sending it back to their main whose in town.
  4. -1

    Sorry, but I'm with Roslyn on this one. I like your thinking but also can't help feel that this could easily get abused. As someone who has an alt I can definitely see how this would give me an even bigger advantage over others which seems unfair to me.

    In my opinion both Tokens and XP should remain personal.

    No errors, and I also hope that you won't let a few disagreeing players discourage you from making more suggestions in the future. Just because some players disagree doesn't mean that it is a bad suggestion!
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  5. I really like the idea, bu i can see people abusing it... It would be nice, maybe a 5lvl xp limit trade(and 1 trade per day). Also, both players should be in 50 blocks of reaching for the trade to work(or both in town). Could be nice
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  6. -1,

    I can see this being abused, as for example, it takes longer to get 20 then 10 exp.... so if i get 10, and pay my alt, and get 10 more and pay my alt, it will require less work for me...

    This is also not Vanilla, and hope it does not come as it will break many things that are almost broken with exp...
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  7. Hm, I do see where all of your points are correct, I did not think of things like the enchantment market when I was writing this up.. Geuss i've learned my lesson not to jump the gun and start banging out suggestions before I spend some time thinking about it.
  8. As I have said to others. Thanks for the suggestions (even the ones we do not act on). I am always looking in this section of the site for things to work on and several ideas presented have become features. So, although this suggestion is denied, your next one may be the next great feature of EMC :)
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