[Denied]- We have no name yet

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  1. We have definitely put down locked chest and we're 5k or more from spawn. We're not sure who the leader will be but the leaders are : crystaldragon13, mercenarycrow, and mrcreeperbutcher.
    This will be an outpost on smp1. Do I need to say where in the post? I really did read it all but now I can't remeber. uugh. sorry. =/
  2. How about OWN? or TOWN.

    (The) Outpost Without a Name :D

    And congrats on your claim, here's hoping it'll get approved!
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  3. You're good. All Staff need is a server. If you have multiple locked chests, though, Staff may need the coords in a PM.
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  4. "That Outpost"
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  5. I just reread what I wrote before :eek: ... My english teacher would be so proud. (not) I was at work and trying to get this done really fast during a quick break.
    Thanks for the name suggestions though I will need to run them by my co-conspirators umm, I mean friends. :D
    PenguinDJ, both eviletoade and weeh have been out there.. is there a senior staff person I should pm?

  6. On derp! -_- never bothered to add the smp .. *heavy sigh* It's on smp1 and the the other two decided it should be me as the leader.
  7. Ok, so we can go ahead and lock this claim thread. We now have a name and a 'leader' named.


    *Leader: crystaldragon13 with equal authority MercenaryCrow & mrcreeperbutcher

    *Outpost name: Demense pronounced [ di - MAYN ] (Thank you Merc. =D )

    Is this all I need to do or do I also need to contact a senior staff person?
  8. i found your locked signs

    first this is to close to spawn to be a outpost, it has to be 5.000 blocks away you are only 2.000 blocks away from spawn.

    it also has to be at least 3.000 blocks away from any other player buildings. there are alot of player building just right next to you.
    base denied at this time