[Denied] The Holy Nemier Republic

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  1. Hello!

    Our server is SMP9, east frontier. Our chest has been placed today.

    Our borders as of right now include the space within the predetermined wall (Purple), as well as the southern part of the island. (Red) (See image below)

    I am the owner of the outpost: Nemier Vegas (Captnhitsugaya)

    All international affairs and forum dealings will go through: Homeslice46. Contact him first.

    Our current members are as follows: Homeslice46, Krepleyfan69, Killazillax, Gimmealatte, Deathdealer4669, Lonelybaloney, Supernightshade, Captnhitsugaya (Me)

  2. the base is to close to a allready established base
    Request Denied
  3. Aaah darn.
    But if you don't mind me asking...who were we too close too?
  4. there was a thread earlier of kitten3101 complaining about you guys moving close to his place, id message him, also try rock00888 who leads some areas out there
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  5. Thing is, I know VoxelRay has a base that is near us. However, he is fine with us building near him, he even built a mine cart system to connect with us. Also, we're nowhere near anything kitten has built. Rock and Hollyhill are fine with us as well, we've been allied with the nation of Volt and the nation of Wrem for a little while now.
  6. thats all fine and dandy mang, but as far as i know you cant establish an outpost that close, even if you have permission to build there from other outposts.
  7. The first post here is the post with the rules for establishing an outpost. You must be at least 3k blocks from a visibly established base. You look at the live map. If you see player buildings 3k in any direction.. you cant claim the land. And there are plenty around where you are
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  8. Ahem, I am Foreign Relations Manager for Cooper, and you have built bang splat on land he would have claimed.

    Also guys, really? This is why I took the matter publicly...
  9. Dude, seriously I told him to pm you and rock00, and I told you to pm him.
  10. Lets keep this civil folks.
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  11. Really guys, if you have anymore qualms about our settlement please pm me. I don't want the thread to be closed.