[denied] res message enter/leave %ownerhead/%playerhead

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  1. Well, Ive been to many res and I check their info, when I check the info or /p or when I see res messages Welcome to (Players name) res. Well I think, ooh he is a master builder, bet how does he look like in minecraft? How will I find him if I forget the username? I think that when a person customize's his res message he can type in /res message enter %ownerhead Payed You 5,000,000 XD :D. Then when a person enters he see's (Player Head) Payed you 5,000,000 XD :D. I dont know if this is possible but if it is(even if it needs very hard coding) I think this needs to be added. And also on /p you would see the players head at the moment. So comment this with your thoughts, and vote on the poll
  2. Um... okay... :p
    Are there many people who'd see a use in this? I remember names better than skins in Minecraft, anyway.
  3. We cannot put player heads into the chat window.
  4. XD, I don't. ps It could just be a enter leave decoration :D
  5. oh k
  6. Nice idea but not possible
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