[ Denied ] Request Endernia Establishment

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Hbrownie, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Please establish my outpost
    info: Location: -10492 849
    Name: Endernia
    Chest: Yes
    Server: Smp7
    Please Establish my outpost, It cost me a lot of rupees.
  2. you might not want to post cords, that's basically a giant "Grief Me!" Sign :p
  3. You shouldn't post the coordinates of your base where everyone can see them.

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  4. Well if they greif me they will get banned
  5. Umm... have any staff established my base yet?
  6. That doesn't mean it won't get griefed. Staff do not rollback griefs you will still have buildings destroyed and things lost =)
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  7. An admin should give you an official response, but I'll help you out with the rules to save you some time.

    Rule #1 - The base must be at least 5,000 blocks away from all EMC Frontier Outposts

    The coordinates you typed are only about 800 blocks from the outpost so I think this claim will not be approved.

    Edit: You can still live there. You just can't make it an official outpost with the wide land rights that come with it.
  8. ok thanks
  9. doyou have any cords that meet the requirements? this is for me and my friend and kind of a shelter for noobs who need help
  10. At least 5000 blocks away from any frontier outpost
  11. It stinks that we cant tp cuz I found perfect cords but its so far away
  12. I'm sorry, but the coords provided are too close to the Frontier Spawn- West Outpost. This base cannot be established.
    Your base needs to be a minimum of 5,000 blocks away from any spawn point. Use the Live Map to help you plan your next base, and we'll be happy to establish your outpost.

    But also keep in mind that it can't be within 3,000 blocks of another player outpost either, so make sure you're all alone out there.

    When you're ready, POST HERE to make your request. Good luck out there!