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  1. Lots of griefers have been griefing a lot lately, thats when I came up with this. This is the life of a new emc player: build stuff, you become friends with them, they get bored and grief. I think new players that are under a week old, shouldn't be allowed to use the frontier for a week. The players will still have access to the waste where they can gather supplies and resources for stocking their shops.

    Sample Notification:
    Player A: /frontier
    Emc Notification: Sorry, but you cannot access the frontier until you have been on emc for a week.

    This may reduce the amount of griefing every day. Please give feedback! And maybe we will save epic builds in the frontier! :)
  2. This has been suggested many times before and has always been denied. Some players only live out in the wild. Some of those players started their frontier base within a week of joining. Some don't like the town system, and not being able to do something they enjoy will stop a lot of them from playing.

    The griefers will still grief. They will just do it a week later.
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  3. This has been suggested many times before and denied each time. Just as it is being this time.

    We believe in "Play Your Way". That means a player can join and go straight to the /frontier or /town or whatever they want to do. It is a staple feature of our servers and we will not be changing that.
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