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  1. Hi guys! Today, I have decided to give out a [SUGGESTION]. We should add anther Supporter Rank! I think it's a good idea for people who really like being a supporter and love EMC. (Like me.) I think you guys should add a Emerald Supporter and make it the best Supporter Rank. I know there's 3 Supporter Ranks, but lets make an even number, let's make it 4 Supporter Ranks! I mean, if you gave out Emerald Supporter, I'd probably buy it. (But I probably wouldn't also, LOL.) Anyways, I really hope somebody out there agrees and supports with this idea. Thank you for listening to me and how I feel.
    (Please like this idea, I would like it if you'd had a Emerald Supporter Rank, it would be cool.)
  2. -1

    It is Not Needed at All
    As for extra Reses, Voting will soon get us that
    also both green colors are taken
  3. I know, but they can make a different kind of green. I know it's not needed at all, it was just a thought.
  4. Already been suggested.
  5. Supporting(top)

    Supporters' Residences not being reset
    A rank that you keep
    Hide from /p
    Disable fire damage for supporters
    No wait time to unclaim and reclaim a residence for supporters
    Emerald supporters
    Supporters getting higher entity limit - Utopian Residences have higher /entc
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.