[Denied] DeepHaven again lol

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  1. Ok went a bit further and am hoping this is far enough away from others lol please look again. This is on server smp8 thanks for looking. hopefully thirds the charm did it again way further out.
  2. Please post the smp that the claim you're wanting is located on and we'll look into it as soon as we can. :)
  3. oops sorry for got to say that Deephaven will be located on smp 8. The leads on this will be Jake200605 and SanctifiedKnight. The rules will be the same as server, no greifing, no stealing and so forth. You will be given a large UNDERSEA plot and will be able to sleep with the Fishes.
  4. Sorry guys but there are 3 settlements within 3000 of the latest location (actually much closer).

    Please have a look at the livemap and maybe go out 20000 or more into a dark spot. Many ppl go 50-100k out. Don't forget you can use nether rail to get there which is 8 times shorter distance.
  5. dont know what the netherrail thing is but drop the thread we are giving up on a outpost. Going by boat takes 15 min to get here from a portal. 20000 would take at least 45 min not worth it anymore for the hassel thanks for the time and effort.
  6. The comment about the nether rail means that 20,000 blocks out in the Frontier is only 2,500 blocks out in the Nether. So you could use a nether portal somewhat near spawn, create a pathway or a rail that went a long distance in the nether, put down another portal to come back to the Frontier and you'd be much farther out. This is what most folks do instead of using a boat to travel in the Frontier alone. It takes work but if you want to travel back and forth between town and your outpost it'll make things much easier.
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  7. Hey man. In case it wasn't clear, you can start a town closer to spawn. (Many have.) What you can't do is formally establish it and block neighbors from building. But if you're in the live-and-let-live mentality then just go for it!

    Since you're building an undersea town you have plenty of open ocean on smp8 to pick from. I'm sure you can find a really awesome spot with lots of space. Plus it's easier to show the town off to friends when it's closer to spawn.
  8. While this is possible other than just having neighbors building even more griefing may occur... not saying that being far away helps that.