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  1. I am starting a small town in the Northern Frontier at [ removed]. I'd like to make it an official establishment before I start building. Also, a nice thing that it will have going for it is a rail route all the way from spawn to the outpost. So far the rails are about 50% done, with 3 stations, and I just found a suitable place to start the outpost.
  2. A) Never show the coordinates it's just a pure heaven for griefers.
    B) Did you do a lock chest at the location were it would be? If not, you must do it to establish it.
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  3. +1 with Tahitan.

    Locking the chest also makes the location official, since I'm pretty sure you typo'd those coordinates and don't really want a base established there :)
  4. Removed coords, and yes, I created a locked chest. Is that the only thing I need to do?
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  5. Were is it, What SMP?
  6. Oh duh, I left that out, smp8. If it's a bad idea to give out coords, how are you supposed to let people find it? Also, could a mod please fix the typo in the title please?
  7. We have ways of finding your locked chests. But we might also pm you to confirm the location, particularly if you didnt follow the instructions and include the SMP in the title.

    However, processing.

    Edit: And why oh why does it have to be 8 again? Does no one do outposts anywhere else?
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  8. I didn't know 8 was overcrowded, hmm. I only went with 8 because that' where I landed when I started emc.
  9. :) Spot looked clean to me. There is hope.
  10. It's more that a lot of ppl have been making claims on 8 and I'm a bit of a traveller. In an infinite world there is plenty of space.
  11. Sorry Fyre, there are too many other builds nearby (need to be 3000 from any other player's builds).
  12. I cri evertiem
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  13. I didn't see anything close on the map.... all that time building that railway wasted... Unless that's what you're talking about as "other builds"? I thought you could ask the builders permission anyway if you were too close to their builds? Is there a better place to build near that area, so I don't have to randomly pick places randomly and hope it isn't near any hidden builds?
  14. You can but you need to do that before trying to get a base established. Also: those other players would need to confirm here, in your thread, that they're ok with it. So if you know who are around you then you could always ask. Or, also an option to consider: join an already existing outpost.

    Can't answer that. But a good way in general is to pick a spot and then carefully scout your surroundings to try and spot anything there.

    Establishing something isn't always easy, but that's all part of the game IMO.
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  15. There was an explored island just south of you. I didn't see anything, but the moderators probably picked up a hidden base or something.

    I'd just go further north, there is plenty of unexplored territory thousands of blocks long. If you establish your center further north you can keep your current location as the southern border.
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  16. You can stay in the area and still work it but at this time you cannot claim it as a base. Once purchased land-claims are introduced things might change but I have no info on that.

    Also, that amount of rail in the nether would have sent you 8 times as far in the overworld. For every block travelled in the nether, it is 8 blocks in the overworld. If you do decide to rip it up and move, do consider a nether rail for your sanity.
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  17. Yes, that is a very good idea. I considered doing a nether rail but thought it would just make things needlessly complicated, but now it seems so much easier.
  18. Ours was lost for my claim.
  19. Lost? As in destroyed?
  20. Long story short, we lost our minds making my claim...

    Which is totally up to you joining :p