[ DENIED ] Allowing a world edit alternative for normal players.

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I have come up with a great idea for us to use world edit to help us build faster. The development team can create a copy of the world edit plugin and edit it to a survival mode version. In this version for you to use this world edit it scans for items in your inventory and if you have enough of the blocks you need in your inventory then it will perform the command and place the blocks bit if you don't then it won't perform the command and you can move structures but however the old structure will be deleted when the new one is placed. Also for the //wand command to prevent players from being able to spawn sticks with this command you can do //wand and it turns whatever item you are holding in your hand into the world edit wand making it also customizable to the player's desire. This is a very interesting feature that I'm sure lots of us builders would like to use and I hope to see this feature come to the empire.

    Thank You,
  2. 1st!

    I think it's an okay idea.. I don't think it's the best.
  3. I personally don't like this idea. It takes away the survival aspects of building. If you just select and area and use world-edit to place the blocks it makes building much easier than vanilla Minecraft.
  4. Why not it makes building a whole lot easier?
  5. However this is more geared towards players working on big residence projects.
  6. I realize this, but too me it just seems like something that takes away from vanilla building.
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  7. Check out schematica, specifically the (banned fwiw, so if you use it, expect to get in trouble) print mode.
  8. I know about schomatica and I use it I am just wanting this to place blocks faster and for it to take up less time.
  9. Please do not suggest server side Plug-ins
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  10. When you did this, it notified me that you quoted my post... :confused:
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  11. It is not a side plugin as EMC has a world edit plugin also a side plugin is one not made by the EMC development team and is downloaded from a website.
  12. I am wholly, utterly, completely, entirely, and absolutely against this idea.

    In my opinion this takes away the whole point of building on a survival server. This is unabashedly easymode minecraft and should be reserved for creative SP or servers.
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  13. This would be a huge amount of work for the development team, with little to no payout and since being able to build on a res in flymode in Utopia is a supporter perk, it would also degrade that benefit if everyone could just worldedit.
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  14. This sounds like the Print feature of Schematica, which is disallowed (using it could get you banned; however, using Schematica for the ghost blocks only is okay) for a reason. Auto-placing blocks is never a good idea, as it makes survival wayyyy to easy IMO.
    Why? Expand on 'okay idea'; try to make the suggestion better or explain yourself a little more. :p
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  15. I would feel like all that time people put into building in survival mode would basically be wasted.

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  16. I don't like the fact that you can use world edit just to be able flatten land with the hit of the enter key. Are you implying using a schematic sort of system which places blocks in those areas? If so, it isn't needed.

    For your idea I will give it a +-0
    Since it is going against vanilla minecraft.
  17. Sounds like a shortcut for people who want the good build without the work put into it.

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  18. I built the building on my utopia res in five days with no type of mod its easy just dont be lazy
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  19. Are you saying you print using schomatica ?
  20. No
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