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  1. So I got an idea. 3 Wastelands. 1 wasteland where it is always night. 1 wasteland where it is always day. And finally 1 wasteland where it is always changing from day to night. I think the idea makes the play your way theme really come in. So what do you think? Is it a good idea? Let me know what you think.
  2. I don't know - it's kind of unnecessary. And anyway, EMC has a high workload as-is with all of its dimensions and worlds it has to run right now.
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  3. Daytime Wasteland = Utopia's (Accessible by Gold+)
    I believe a Night Time dimension is somewhat planned but not really (Dystopia, was it?)
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  4. I agree with jay. EMC has a lot on their hands and this is a bit unnecessary.
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  5. Yup.
    SMP = Day/Night
    Utopia = All Day
    Dystopia (Rumor/Somewhat confirmed) = All Night hopefully
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  6. While the other 2 arent really 'day/night version of wastelands', we would not do this.

    simply having 2 pairs of wildernesses is already super confusing to explain.
    Having to explain why theres 4? yeah that cant happen.

    Wastelands is for mining, and normal day/night (outside of utopia) is perfect.
    simplicity is more important in this case.
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