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I Will Order Something?

Yea Sure 9 vote(s) 52.9%
Nah Its Ok 1 vote(s) 5.9%
Maybe, When I get the time. 7 vote(s) 41.2%
  1. Hello Empire!
    Today I am here to bring back my supply Co.! My first one went very well. But after it somehow un-watched the thread I Could'nt see all the other orders that we there :(. So Yea! This Is the Second Version of it so I can start it over. I Am very Cheap with prices so yeah. And the first order gets it 500r less! Begin Fellow Emcians :3
    How To Buy -
    Zee Prices -
    Sand - 65r Stack; Sc 1,809r; Dc 3,510r
    SmoothSandstone - 90r Per Stack; Sc 2,430r; Dc 4,860r
    Quart Flakes- 448r Stack; Sc 12,096r; Dc 25,192r (Cheap Quartz Are Like 12r Each)
    GlowStone - 768r Stack; Sc 20,736r; Dc 41,472r
    Logs, Any Type - 70r Stack; Sc 1,890r; 3,780r
    Planks, Any Type - 20r Stack; Sc 540r; Dc 1,080r
    Snow Blocks - 30r Stack; Sc 810r; Dc 1,620r
    Paper - 15r Stack; Sc 405r; Dc 810r
    Nether Brick - 100r Stack; Sc 1500r; Dc 4,800r
    Nether Rack - 16r Stack; Sc 400r; Dc 775r
    Stone/StoneBrick - 40r Stack;Sc 1,000r; Dc 1,900r
    Clay Blocks - 256r Stack; Sc 6,500r; Dc 12,400r
    Obsidion - 512r; Sc 13,000r; Dc 24,800r
  2. Um.... are you selling the same stuff for the same prices?
    AND could you sell sandstone or quartz? :D
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  3. Yea I Will even sell it cheaper! And I Rock at getting both of those! Ill add prices to most items I Can thing of those right now!
  4. Well I would like a DC of Quartz and A DC of Sandstone, price for each?
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  5. Catalog?
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  6. Working On It. Expect Very Cheap Prices :p
  7. Ok Any Deadline?
  8. Order Form: (Making this up as there isn't one ATM :p)
    Item: 1 DC Smooth Sandstone
    Price: 3510r
    Deadline: ASAP
    I'll Pickup

    Edit: I may add quartz if it is cheap ;)
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  9. Dc Of Smooth Is 4,860r :D
  10. Oh you sneaky monkey, I know it was 3510 when I posted it......
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  11. I Sell everything besides beacons or something else like that like?.. Umm Idk I Sell it all. I shall update Catalog time to time. Im doing a lot now. Its hard to calculate it all :p
  12. How much for 1 DC and 1 SC of Snow Blocks?
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  13. I need a single chest of pine logs
  14. Will Add to Op 1 Second :)
  15. I need it in 24 hours tho ;)
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  16. Ok Will work expect at least half or 1 hour of wating.
  17. So can I get the Sandstone for the original price?
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  18. Yes Ok Just this time. I will work on The Pine And Sandstone right now!
  19. Ok at that price ill take the 1.5 DC of snow blocks for 2430 Rupees. If possible can I have it within 3 days?

    Item: 1.5 DC Snow Blocks
    Price: 2430 rupees
    Deadline: July 26th (I feal as though it will only take an hour or too so this should be plenty of time.)
    (Last edit)
    I'll pickup...
  20. Will be on in about 11 hour, no need to hurry on mine

    About to go to sleep ;)

    Edit:just leave an access chest and I will pay you when I get on