Delta Team official communicate:

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  1. As the new website has just launched, we hope you delta team members enjoy and use it as much as you can, please register since it's mandatory in order to be part of the Delta Team, that way we can control the amount of 'active' players and we can control other important information. also this website will help the EMC forums mainly free from The Delta Team
    Registering is simple and fast, please go to and check the important information in there.
    Delta Team Staff
  2. Aye so is the delta team gonna live in the wild? Well that is the main reason I joined and i register to be a hunting master.
  3. Well, actually we have in plans making a wilderness base, for now we need to finish our HQ, then we move to the wild :) also, please register at the website, as it says at the thread, it's mandatory :)
  4. Yeah I did it a few seconds ago now ;)
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