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  1. I went on a long vacation and then had some family issues. When i got back i realized that my res was gone, deleted, whatever. I have put some good time into this server. Is there any any any way i can get my res back? thanks, and i will try to stay hopeful
  2. oooh, sorry, you can't get your res back.. :(
    Here on EMC we have a 10 days derelict res policy.
    If someone wanted your res and noticed you were gone for more than 10 days they can have it reset.
    If you had told a member of staff that you were gone, it would have been safe.
  3. that really really really really sucks
  4. Sorry about that, but that's how it is.
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  5. Hey, accidents happen, I'm sure if you woo the EMC forums with some big plan you can have some donations to rebuild ;)
  6. Derelict Residences - 10 Days

    Any player who does not sign-in to any Empire server for a period of 10 days, will have their residence reset and reclaimed. This does not apply to active supporters, even if they have been away for more than a month.

    If you are going to be gone for longer than 10 days let us know the reason and we will not reclaim your residence, click here to message Icecreamcow.
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