Decide what I should build next on EMC!

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  1. Greetings EMC!

    Most of the oldies on EMC know me as 'Master Architect', some others know me as 'That old EMC member' and the rest has probably never heard of me.. :p

    So let me enlighten you! I'm Eclipsys, I've been on EMC for a very long time (since 2011:oops:) and I like to build huge buildings on EMC! I own residence 104, 106, 207, 208, 209, 308, 418 and 522: my 'E-center of Architecture'.

    Now in the past few months I've been looking at projects/idea's to fill 308 and 418 with but all idea's that I've had so far end up in disinterest and don't get finished :p This was my last attempt at an idea:

    Here's where you come in! Because the EMC community has always played a big part in my buildings/projects I thought it'd be funny to let you decide what I should build next! Here's what I want to hear from you:

    Build Form:
    What type of building (castle, house, swimmingpool)?

    The idea must fit on 2 residences (60x124 blocks)

    If you want to see what I've already built:

    Thanks in advance!

    Let the great idea's come!

    ~Ecli OUTTTTT
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  2. We should honesly build together lol!

    I honestly think we are the only active 2011 members that build right now.
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  3. Well if you have any ideas on what to build, shoot them at me :D We'll take a look at the possibilities
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  4. A giant gecko that is 3D!!!

    Name: Gecko
    What type of building (castle, house, swimmingpool)? Structure
    Materials: green stuff(hard clay,wool, slimeblocks,etc)
    Description: a giant 3D green gecko
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  5. I'm not good at animals xD every time I tried I failed, horribly hahaha
  6. I was about to say a statue but I thought up of something.

    What would you suggest for this? For a build at least
  7. Name: nfell2009
    What type of building (castle, house, swimmingpool)? nfell2009
    Materials: all of them
    Height: 256
    Description: nfell2009
  8. Sauron's eye with background and everything
  9. bumpa bumpa :D
  10. I'd say build a town with a townhall/small castle!

    lol xD

    I'll try it in SP xD
  11. It would be cool with a big Mansion and a pool. You can also make hidden doors and secret rooms. :)
  12. Behold: Moonshine Mansion:

    I already built that xD
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  13. Name:Archdukemelon
    What type of building (castle, house, swimmingpool)? Statue/shrine
    Materials:Melons,Green stained clay/wool/glass, Lime stained clay/wool/glass, red stained clay/wool/glass,
    Height: Huge
    Description: A Statue/shrine to The great melon god!
  14. Just because some prefer the wild to build in ;D
  15. I was suggesting we both should meet up lol
  16. Well, I'm an active 2011 player, but I can barely build a five by five dirt hut without having to sit down and count to ten. ;)
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  17. Join my club!
  18. Shh I am not forgetting you *I might have -.-
  19. I'm from 2011