(DEBATE) IPhone/Apple App

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Should Justin Maybe make an Iphone App?

Yes, He should! (Post Why) 11 vote(s) 78.6%
No, He shouldn't. (Post why) 3 vote(s) 21.4%
I really, don't care. (Post why) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hey guys I don't know if you try to get on the website with you iPhone in the car or something like this but isn't it annoying since the site is designed for a desktop? Post your Pros and Cons about it also please vote. Thanks
  2. hey now, i don't have an iphone, i have android. you have to be WAY more in depth with covering more than just the iphone.

    i asked him about this a couple months ago, and he said he was looking into it. and gave me a few things to download that help with forums and such.
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  4. Yes but I am talking about all Apple devices since there is the Ipod, Iphone, Ipad. More members have one of those then an andriod. Btw switch to the Iphone you would be doing a good thing.
    I want one that justin made I aint putting my password in on an application not made by the owner(S)
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  5. Haha I totally understand that, but I'm sure Justin would go over all the coding to make sure nothing's wrong :)
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  6. still... staying with JUST apple products isn't being wide enough.... there are TONS more phone and items that people other than you actually use. i hate iphones, i hate them with a passion. they annoy me, itunes sucks your money. they don't help you with crap when you need it. they have extra charges, their phones suck and die within a year.

    it doesn't matter who has more than the other, android is STILL there. no matter what the "dominant" phone is.
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  7. If/when an EMC app is made it would most likely be available to both the iphone and android. I don't see Justin leaving anyone out
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  8. :D w000t to Justin.
  9. Yea still there in the corner of the room. :) Get an ipod then.
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  10. But of course the apple one will be better :D
  11. -.- what does a 13 year old need an iphone anyway!? you kids these days, i see 10 year olds with 800$ phones. the parents need beat with a bat.
  12. :p i have an ipod sir! it drools....
  13. How about windows phones? :p
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  14. My bad I meant an Ipod touch.
  15. I need it for work. It helps me keep in contact with my clients easier. Able to check emails on the go and respond.
  16. That too lol and any others I didn't mention due to completely forgetting about them on accident :D
  17. Sure you did :D
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  18. There is no need to make an app -.- there is something called themes on xenforo, we just need to find a mobile version. :)
  19. I like the idea of making it for apple products, then windows phones, THEN any other, and then Andriod.
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  20. Please re-read my post. I'm not talking about what first I'm saying that there are MOBILE (all platforms wide) versions of xenforo themes Justin could apply :)