Off We Go: The start of the Empire Minecraft app

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by BobTheTomato9798, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Ok I have finished the app logo now onto the coding wish me luck! I will update whenever I get more done! Here is what has to be done:


    Connect to the website servers from the app:
    {In progress}

    Get all the pictures done:
    {Not Done}

    Put the app together with code:
    {Not Done}

    {Not Done}

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  2. Good luck bob!
    Also, what will this application do?
    And would you mind making one for android too? :p
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  3. You should definitely make an android version.
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  4. Good luck Bob, call me if u need any kind of design (from splash logo's to bg's :p)
    [OFF] Did you guys notice the fail at EMC logo?

    Check the 'M' letter again ;)
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  5. Is it gonna be free or 99 cents depending on what it does I'm willing to pay 99cents for it just to help you out!
    PS: Don't charge heaps for it unless it actually let's you play EMC on you iPod touch!
  6. Basically the empire minecraft website into an application form. If i get done with IOS maybe....
  7. Yes I did I had to change it some so it would fit into a 57 x 57 square
  8. Yay awesome!

    Please make live map compatibility better too!(It isn't that good in Safari!)
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  9. Yeah i just noticed because of your change :p
  10. That (i believe) goes up to plugin coding, and it would mess with Justin's work, so, get another web explorer by now :p
  11. What do you mean like mango web browser or whatever they are On the PC it's fine!
  12. Yes sir it does sadly....
  13. Or to make it easier Justin could download a website plugin to make it work with mobile web browsers. Another option is this:
  14. 2 words... o_0 LOL!
  15. Because lol'ing means HAPPINESS!
  16. Lol
  17. Updated the list!