[Debate/Discussion] Gibson Les Paul vs. Fender Stratocaster

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Which electric guitar is best?

Stratocaster 5 vote(s) 55.6%
Les Paul 4 vote(s) 44.4%
  1. image.jpg image.jpg which one is coolest? Please vote and tell me why in comments.. Even if you know nothing about guitars, put your thought..
  2. The white one is Gibson Les Paul Studio Alpine White Gold Hardware
    The red one is Fender Stratocaster 2007 nitro red.

    Both guitars cost the exact same.
  3. Gibson Les Paul USA Flood Anniversary... 'nuff said :) I think the Gibson's look cooler, in my opinion, and I have heard the name 'Gibson' fly around a lot. I have never heard of Fender.
  4. I'd say the Gibson. I play a fender but it's acoustic lol. I've heard better things about Gibson also.
  5. Well, it depends what you want to play. You can dramatically change the sound of the guitars depending on the strings, pickups, amplifier, effects, and who's playing it. That said, I think the Les Paul has more of a deep, bluesy, stylish sound, while the stratocaster has more of a raw, crunchy sound. Depending on the setup, the strat may sound "cheaper" and more tinny than a Les Paul, but on the flip side this means each string stands out more; with the Les Paul, the notes sound kind of muffled to me.
    As for the looks, I think I'd pick the Les Paul - it just seems more sophisticated.
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  6. More votes/thoughts :d!