Debate/Argue Thread v2

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    Read through the first few pages please, and see how things were carried out. I suck at introductions, so I am just going to wing this.


    Anyway, my school has bee split over a certain issue lately, and I would like to know what people here think about the subject. For the United States, what does "separation of church and state" mean to you in context of a school environment and a general government building environment?

    Anyone and everyone is welcome to chime in on anything, and feel free to suggest other topics (even repeats from the old thread) and debate about more than one thing at a time.

    I encourage everyone to think twice before using certain font formatting options. This is in green and generally comes off as a positive emotion-filled color. Had this been in a bolded and red format, it easily could have been mistaken for me yelling at everyone. We wouldn't want to emotionally hurt anyone because of a simple miscommunication.

    If you want to, make your debate topic a different color than the rest of your text, so that it pops out even when in the middle of a debate about if IcC is a female due to him being called a cow instead of a steer (old member reference).

    If any of you fine EMC members feel like something else should be stated, go ahead.
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  2. [reserved in case it is needed]
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  3. *watches thread*

    Mac vs Windows :p
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  4. Windows 7 is an inspiration.
    Mac is shiny, but not the best for games.
    Someone needs to throw a rock into windows 8.

    Also, anyone else notice this in the picture?

    (It's the username :p)
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  5. Yes, mac is shiny. It may not have a very good compatibility with gaming, however there is something called bootcamp. It allows you to run windows 7 on your mac. :3

    The Mac OS is something I love, because windows 7 and 8 do not have very good multiple display support. (Windows 8 is a nightmare, it is only good if you like the ugly windows aesthetics). Me, having 3 thunderbolt displays along with a 16 core Mac Pro, I love both bootcamp when I am gaming, and I love the default Mac OS 10.9 when doing anything else.

    iCloud is good, as long as you follow with most of apple's stuff. It is a little shabby otherwise, I recommend google for other stuff, as you get good compatibility and you also get 15GB free storage as opposed to 5GB storage.
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  6. Is there such a thing as a genuinely bad child? (age 0-15)
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  7. I have to agree with you there. Macs have the most amazing multiple display support. I'm using an external display for my Macbook. It's sitting ext to me, closed with the power cord and a mini display cord plugged into it. And it's working perfectly.
    Me :p

    But to be honest, I'm not sure. It really depends on the definition :p
  8. Xbox one vs ps4

    Oh gawd plz nue
  9. PS4. Everything about it is better, and I don't even play on consoles :p
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  10. Friends have told me not to get the xbox one and get the PS4.
    I mean like. I could care less I guess they are both good. image.jpg image.jpg
    The PS4 looks better :3
    And the Xbox one sensor thing is the NSA collecting data from people.
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  11. In a real sense, if the NSA was always collecting data from everyone's XBOX, they would probably be collecting petabytes of video on a daily basis.
  12. That's probably where all of the US's money has gone. Getting enough storage for that.
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  13. #BadSarcasm
    I mean when I search in Xbox one I get this -
  14. Thanks Obama...

  15. image.jpg
  16. You should use this to list the current questions/dabates.
    ^ As a matter of fact, I'm putting that suggestion up for debate, too. :p
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  17. I believe that having a list of all current debating topics would be very beneficial for this thread. :p
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  18. It literally made my day seeing this thread restarted. Hopefully this one will be as fun as the original, though it won't be the same without some of the members who've left since then. :/
    That sounds like a great idea to me. Maybe have them link to where each topic starts?
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