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  1. Deathconn's Supply Co.

    Welcome to deathconn's Supply Co.! This service is intended to supply players with needed materials for a reasonable price. My main goal is to satisfy the customer and get the items you need as quick as possible. If I do not satisfy my customer, I will give out a discount on an order. As you can probably see, the price gets cheaper as you buy in larger amounts. This is a subtle suggestion to the buyer to purchase the higher quantity to save a couple rupees in the long-run. After you place an order, an employee or myself will like your posted order, meaning whoever liked it is in charge of your order. If we have not liked your order, then we are still working on someone else's order.

    Hiring Employees!

    How to place an order:
    Choose an item from the catalog below using the provided order form.

    • Cobblestone =Stack:40r SC:1,020r DC:2,000r
    • Stone = Stack:50r SC:1,320r DC:2,600r
    • Stone Brick = Stack:50r SC:1,320r DC:2,600r
    • Sand = Stack:40r SC:1,020r DC:2,000r
    • Sandstone = Stack:132r SC:3,520r DC:7,000r
    • Glass = Stack:155r SC:4,120r DC:8,200r
    • Oak Log = Stack:128r SC:3,420r DC:6,800r
    • Birch Log = Stack:128r SC:3,420rDC:6,800r
    • Spruce Log = Stack:128r SC:3,420r DC:6,800r
    • Jungle Log = Stack:128r SC:3,420r DC:6,800r
    • Acacia Log = Stack:135r SC:3,620r DC:7,200r
    • Dark Oak Log = Stack:135r SC:3,620r DC:7,200r
    • Netherrack = Stack:40r SC:1,020r DC:2,000r New Price-Stack:40r SC:1,020r DC:2,000r
    • Nether Brick = Stack:169r SC:4,520r DC:9,000r
    • Wool (Any Color) = Stack:95r SC:2,550rDC:5,000r
    • Hardened Clay = Stack:374r SC:10,100r DC:20,000r
    • Red Sand = Stack:95r SC:2,550r DC:5,000r
    • Leather = Stack:428r SC:11,600r DC:23,000r
    • Cooked Steak = Stack: SC:4,050r DC:8,000r
    • Bones = Stack:58r SC:1,520r DC:3,000r
    • Pumpkins = Stack:58r SC:1,520r DC:3,000r

    Item(s) and Quantity:
    Overall Price:
    Delivery residence (If necessary):

    Extra Information:

    • Cfcdog13
    • AmusedStew
    Feel free to message me via PM if you're interested in giving me a hand.

    Deliveries and Pick-up:

    If you'd rather have me (or an employee) deliver, it would cost an extra 100 rupees per chest. If your order consists of just a few stacks, delivery will be free. If there is no delivery destination, the pick up will be on Smp8, 16516.

    If you don't pick up your order from my res or setup an access chest and pay within a week of being notified, I will void your order, meaning I am able to do whatever I want with the items you ordered. You may have to wait for me to collect your order again if you choose to place it again.
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  2. Le Bump
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  3. Item(s) and Quantity:
    2x DC Sandstone
    2x DC Glass
    2x DC Stone
    2x DC Leather
    2x DC Hardened Clay
    1x SC of each wool
    Overall Price: 162,800r (please double check, let me know if it doesn't sound right)
    Delivery residence (If necessary): Pickup please
    Deadline: Any time :) Good luck
  4. Item(s) and Quantity: DC of Pumpkins
    Overall Price: 3100r
    Delivery residence (If necessary): I will set up an access chest at (/v 5044 sand) [Utopia]
    Deadline: ASAP Please :) EDIT: I set up chest.
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  5. Is there a max amount of DCs to one order?
    Item(s) and Quantity: oak log 20DC
    Overall Price:136k
    Delivery residence (If necessary):pickup
    Deadline:no deadline
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  6. Item(s) and Quantity: Netherrack 12 DCs
    Overall Price: 7,200r
    Delivery residence (If necessary): 5066 (Will have chests ready upon completion)
    Deadline: No rush
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  7. 1x DC of sandstone
    1x DC of hardened clay
    Overall price: 27k I believe...check because I'm not good at math :p
    Delivery: No delivery 'cause all my reses have -move flag xD
    Deadline: April 16th?
    Thanks! My signature says why I need this stuff :)
    (sorry if I did anything wrong)
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  8. Item(s) and Quantity:
    5 DC Sand
    1 DC Jungle Log
    2 DC Dark Oak Log
    1 DC Acadia Log
    2 DC Cooked Steak

    Overall Price: 54400
    Delivery residence (If necessary): 10359
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  9. We can do this but it will take a little bit. Is that alright? We will also let you pick up what we have done periodically as it gets finished.
  10. Item(s) and Quantity: Bones- 2DC
    Overall Price: 6200r
    Delivery residence (If necessary): (/v 5044 sand)
    Deadline: 4/15/15

    Hope it is okay to have more than one order.
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  11. Order completed and delivered
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  12. Item(s) And Quantity:
    2 DC Stone
    2,600 x 2 = 5,200

    6 DC Stone Brick
    2,600 x 6 = 15,600

    10 DC Sand
    2,000 x 10 = 20,000

    2 DC Oak Log
    6,800 x 2 = 13,600

    2 DC Birch Log
    6,800 x 2 = 13,600

    4 DC Spruce Log
    6,800 x 4 = 27,200

    1 DC Jungle Log
    6,800 x 1 = 6,800

    20 DC Netherrack
    600 x 20 = 12,000

    8 DC Black Wool
    5,000 x 8 = 40,000

    6 DC Blue Wool
    5,000 x 6 = 30,000

    8 DC Red Wool
    5,000 x 8 = 40,000

    6 DC White Wool
    5,000 x 6 = 30,000

    1 DC Cooked Steak
    8,000 x 1 = 8,000

    Overall Price:

    Delivery residence: Pickup

    Deadline: Whenever you can is fine. :p
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  13. No problem. But i do prefer to collect all at once if its ok with you guys.
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  14. Item(s) and Quantity:
    leather, 1 DC
    Stone, 1DC
    Sand, 1DC
    White wool, 1 DC
    Overall Price: 32,600 rupees (i think, from my head)
    Delivery residence (If necessary): I can pickup if that's easier, otherwise i can set up at 17070
    Deadline: Anytime after saturday, i cannot get on until then :)

    Thanks in advance, if the order is too large let me know :)
  15. Order completed, waiting for access chests to be placed
  16. Item(s) and Quantity:
    DC Sandstone
    DC Glass
    DC Stone Brick
    DC Sand
    DC Of Each Log
    DC Cooked Steak
    Overall Price: 69,400r (please double check, let me know if it doesn't add up)
    Delivery residence (If necessary): I'll pick up
    Deadline: ASAP Have fun.
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  17. Item(s) and Quantity: 10 Dcs Stone, 1 DC Sandstone, 1 SC Stone Brick, 2 DC Birch Log
    Overall Price: 47,920 (not including delivery fee)
    Delivery residence (If necessary): 6100 (Will set move flag and access chests once order is ready)
    Deadline: ASAP, thanks!
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  18. Item(s) and Quantity: 4 DCs Netherrack
    Overall Price: 2,400r
    Delivery residence (If necessary): Will pick up.
    Deadline: Anytime within the next week will be fine. :)
  19. Item(s) and Quantity: One DC of Cobblestone
    Overall Price: 2000r
    Delivery residence (If necessary): I can pick up if needed.
    Deadline: As soon as you can.
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  20. Orders are completed, please pay and pick up in section 7
    Orders of netherrack from this post and on are to be priced at the new netherrack price

    Orders of wool from this post on can only be white and is limited to 5DC's per order