Deathchest or Zombiedeath

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Like it?

NO!!!!!! 12 vote(s) 66.7%
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  1. So, if you have no idea what deathchest is, it is when you die, all of your stuff drops into a chest! THAT makes mob hunting a lot easier as well as bosses easier, too. Zombiedeath is my idea, When you die, a zombie spawns with the name tag of the player that died as well as the player's head and chestplate, leggings, and boots he was wearing. the item that was in the first slot of the player's hotbar would be in the zombie's hand.
  2. I say no. Otherwise, there would really be no penalty for dying.
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  3. The zombie one, but not the chest one
  4. Well with the chest, one could simply " Chest Farm " and with the zombie, I see that only happening in Dystopia because that you can die with god armor and your zombie would kill somebody for you. Which would be PVP
  5. The chest will disapear after it is empty.
  6. Yes but I can see people taking other people's gear from the chests, then multiple arguments ensuing.
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  7. It will be locked.
  8. You should probably add that it will 1000r to lock as a 'fee' to save your stuff from despawning.
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  9. I used to be on a server that had this. That server had hax. This server doesn't have hax. That's how EMC works.
  10. I say no because the point of being in the wild is that there is a risk of dying and if your stuff just drops in a chest there is no risk which isn't very fun. Also the zombie things wouldn't be too bad but I don't like how it gets your stuff because then if you die with god armor there is a greater chance that you will not get your armor back and same with the sword. Also this zombie would be pretty tough and if that was your only armor and weapon you had it would take a while to get your stuff back. You would have to go mining and make another sword while you were keeping track of the zombie so it doesn't despawn or run away.
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  11. "There must be a sentence of death"
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  12. Zombies wonder around and die in sunlight. I don't see the point; this would work on a MineZ server, but not here.
  13. Well, I am kind of iffy on this. I think it is a good idea, but, I do not know if it should be implemented or not. It would be a lot easier, however, some people don't nesscarrily need this...
  14. One can simply break the chest and receive the chest and the contents.
    Sorry but I don't think it will be implemented.
  15. There will be the player's head on the zombie, making it not burn.
  16. Ethy, this is too easy. This takes away from the Survival factor, EMC likes it to be a Survival server. If you want a chest upon death, might as well put keep inventory on.
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  17. We will need a moderator's opinion about this idea for a conclusion.