Deathageddon - 1PM EMC TIME 9/6/14

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Aikar, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. [IMG]Hey all! Many have asked us to do another death event, so its time for one!

    So today, 1PM EMC Time (Eastern, check /time), that's near 2 hours from now, we will hold a death event at:
    SMP1 - /v spawn_maze

    What's this? Didn't know about Spawn_Maze? Well now you do! I put this Easter egg up many weeks ago :)

    Machine Gun Marlix has a high probability of showing his face.

    This is a death event, meaning you WILL die. Do NOT bring anything with you that you do not want to lose. There is no holds barred for this event. If you are at the event, we will try to kill you.

    Do not type the command unless you are ready to participate.

    As with normal on death events, these are "for fun". There is no guarantee of rewards, and you're most likely to lose things instead of gain.

    You MIGHT get lucky and get some drops and escape with them, but there is no guarantee.

    You might also get some tokens out of it. Just have fun :)
  2. Sweet! Will be there in no armor for the fun of it! Finally got a first to :O
  3. YES! i asked you and you did it! :D 2nd
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  4. Sweet... Love these :)
  5. Ha ha I was just going to say that I was on SMP1 when you asked that :p Thanks Aikar!
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  6. I'm guessing if u bring say a turkey slicer u still won't loose it
  7. YAY im excited
  8. Sweet, i hope to be there. This is a perfect chance for me to use the voting armor.
  9. Bummer! I can't attend. Take lots of pictures guys!
  10. I won't be able to make it, but I appreciate that you're holding it. :) It sounds like fun.
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  11. Aikar please make the /res unstuck command work. I lost lots of stuff when trying to walk back since it didn't work. I hope you can get this back for me by checking logs.
  12. at tims like this I wish I didn't lose my first one and sell my second one lol
  13. This is in an hour, right? Is this fun?
  14. yes the event is in under 1 hour and it is for fun you may get items but that is most likely not going to happen, and I you have a computer that runs minecraft at lowest setting like me at 27 fps your computer will most likely explode lol
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  15. gonna add more slots? :3
  16. Will be ther for sure!
  17. The event was super fun, and we got a run in with The Tank, Mr Smelly, Super Speed Mobs, and the Machine Marlix which i don't think was ever killed